How Trump Supporters Can Lose This Election | Beaufort County Now | The single best thing that can happen on November 3 is for Trump to win by landslide , or by a margin that is large enough not to be disputed.

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    The communist and Democrat jackals are at it again. They are trying to suppress the Trump vote. Their methods are very sophisticated. They run from smearing Trump with mud and anything else that stinks to sowing the seeds of chaos. Chaos runs from violence in the streets to hotly contested ballots in close elections.. Inside the soul of us decent people, we do not want to be involved in an election that is s close with dishonest ballots and violence on election day.. Yes, some people will not vote for fear they may be involved in a hotly contested election. This kind of reverse psychology works. Don't play this game. Be sure you and your friends vote.

    Then there is the corona virus with fears about large groups of people congregating at poles on election day.

    The single best thing that can happen on November 3 is for Trump to win by landslide , or by a margin that is large enough not to be disputed. I believe a landslide majority now support Trump. The job of the Democrats and communists is to either cause us to change our vote or keep us away from the poles. Communist tactics in foreign countries has been to create violence against those who vote the "wrong way" in order to keep other "wrong way voters' at home on elections day. I fully expect to see the communists and Democrats to become more violent as election day approaches.

    Donald Trump has correctly pointed out that mass mail in ballots are a definite form of corrupt voting. There is no way to know who voted any ballot, or what ballots were stolen and voted, or for that matter how may counterfeit ballots were printed and voted. There is no doubt that going to the poles on election day or even for early voting is the best system. After all, if our ancestors could travel in a horse drawn wagon or buggy 15 miles or more to vote on election day, why cannot we get to the poles today?

    This is an unusual time. Considering all of the above, asking for a mail in or early ballot may be a smart thing for a great many people. North Carolina has a reasonably safe mail in ballot system. The Legislature recently make security stronger by mandating that only registered voters may even request a mail in ballot. A legible witness signature is required along with a legible address. I would never say there are not risks but the North Carolina system is not like some stats that are mailing a ballot to everyone whether they ask for it or not.

    You should call the County Board of elections and request a mail in or absentee ballot if you have any reason not to personally show up and vote either in early voting or election day voting. Any registered voter can get a mail in ballot. Donald Trump is voting by absentee ballot this year.

    Contrary to the fake press trying to make us believe President Trump is against absentee voting, the President encourages absentee voting rather than not voting at all. Trump opposes mail in ballots in some states that have poor ways of guaranteeing an honest vote. President Trump is voting by absentee ballot this year.

    Data on who has requested an absentee ballot is confidential until election day. This keeps criminals from knowing which ballots to tamper with. There are now strong criminal penalties for voter fraud.

    When you request an absentee ballot you will be required to fill out a form. This provides more security and better controls over ballots.

    I firmly believe, not voting and not encouraging your friends to vote is the worst thing that can happen in the 2020 election. Remember the Democrats and communists will be voting , they are hoping you will not vote.

    Your best contribution to peace and our form of government will be your vote in this election.
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