It was a Week or So of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume I | Beaufort County Now | I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994.

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    I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature of my character that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994. It was then that I decided, should I do this job right, honor the position /the office, then I would never really consider re-election, and to that end, always be honest and transparent in my duties, and how I represent such.

    These series of posts that I submit here on BCN are a collection of rants that I on occassion submit to Facebook, which I have not incorporated into another opinion to date. These comments /rants are mostly regarding this crazy political season on our national stage, where there is no shortage of substance, yet a true disparity of truth coming from the Democratic Socialist Leftists. Therefore, it is my option and pleasure to extend my efforts to keep the reality of it all transparently active.

    I have always wondered from whence these rants of mine originate; could if be my bitter honesty, or my quickened consternation for the Propagandists running the Fake News roughshod over real Americans, pounding the lot of us all a little bit further down by their Leftist activism. Regardless, it is within me, and through these rants if becomes completely out of me for a while, and that is my free right to do so as per our First Amendment guaranteed right, which, as publisher of a very large informational platform, and far less partisan than any propagandist outlet, I hold very dearly.

    Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020, with a continuing list of all such posts here:

We Shall Know You by Your Eyes - October 1, 2020

    Look into Joe Biden's Eyes; they are dead.

    Watch the debate, Covid Joe said nothing real, answered no questions, and lied constantly about what little he did try to say, even when he called Mr. Trump a "liar", which we are finding is the ongoing lying talking point of the Left and the Leftist Media.

    President Trump needs to lay back more, and let Ly'n' Joe Biden's lying and stupidity ruminate about the room in the next debate.

    Joe China has never been smart or even honest, but now, he is aged beyond his years, dull of intellect, with dead eyes. With politicians always watch their eyes to learn a piece of the truth.

    Mr. Trump may mangle the King's English, but watch his eyes. They tell their own story, and that is one of accomplishment.

No One is Immune - October 2, 2020

    President Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive for Covid and will be quarantined for 14 days.

    When news of this sad nature sinks in, one would be remiss not to question what if the President was incapacitated or permanently absent, keeping in mind, also, just how FRAIL Joe Biden is every day going forward for the rest of his days.

    With the reality of this grim possibility facing us all: Who would you rather see serving as our nation's replacement leader; proven Conservative and very steady Mike Pence, or proven Socialist and Anarchist Kamala Harris?

    Think about it for this is a big part of your choice.


Dishonorable Hyperbole is the Staple of a Leftist's Teachings - October 6, 2020

    The big news of the day may be that Democratic Socialist Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy killed the Covid Stimulus package by insisting on items like money for Illegals, money for ballot harvesting, which is also illegal, and the bailout of Democratic Socialist cities that traffic in Anarchy and Activism instead of serving their citizens.

    If the dishonest and stupid Democratic Socialists win this election, and it all turns to ... well, you know what I am intimating here ... it might be a good time to secede, and do it right this time.

    The seceding states can keep the Constitution with the states that work at governing wisely and well, and the Leftists can have their Anarchy, Racist talk, Propaganda and Victim-hood. The Democratic Socialists hate the Constitution anyway.

    California talks about secession for themselves often, which would put Hollywood, and Silicon Valley into the other more "Globalist" nation; they can keep Facebook and Google. The South, the Southwest, the Midwest, the West, but not the Weird West, can then decide for themselves who secedes, and who wishes to join the Anarchists - those who who hate Real America and real Americans - then we might would all be the better for it.

    I do believe there would be a very different form of immigration at that point; now, who would pull up stakes and go where at this point?

Forever a Fool's Parade - October 8, 2020

    America's grand hypocrite and fool, Nitwit Nancy to some; Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy to others, has decided to forgo any stimulus during this Age of Covid unless there are subsidies for: Illegals; Ballot Harvesting; all manner of Marijuana issues; Bailouts for Democratic Socialist governments trafficking in Anarchy and Activism; Killing Babies in the third trimester; and a special NGO carve our for Beelzebub Unlimited.

    When you can't make ends meet this month or next, you can thank Democratic Socialist Hypocrite and Fool Pelosi.


Should President Trump perform his Constitutional duty and appoint a third Supreme Court Justice, or wait until it is suitable to the Democratic Socialists in congress and the media?
  Yes, Mr. Trump has the Constitutional duty to appoint a supreme court justice and the U.S. Senate is constitutionally sworn to "advise and consent".
  No, it is too close to the election of president, and the while Democratic Socialists do not have control of the U.S. Senate, they do have the control of the U.S. House and the media.
  I don't pay attention to these sorts of things.
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