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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Playing Russian Roulette With Vaccines

    The government and several pharmaceutical companies have announced that a vaccine is almost ready for the market. Those of us who have looked closely at the evidence are questioning what is being touted by the media. In fact, the media reporting closely resembles enthusiastic press releases by the companies, and there is been little questioning of the efficacy or the safety of the vaccines. The FDA has assured the public that they will not approve a vaccine that they have not deemed to be safe and effective, but their track record leaves a lot to be desired.

    Some of us are old enough to remember the swine flu scare of 1976. The propaganda employed then seems very similar to what we are now experiencing regarding the Corona virus. President Ford warned of the dangers of the flu and the possibility of an epidemic that would kill untold numbers of Americans, and the airways were filled with public service announcements urging everyone to take the vaccine in order to save lives.

    Just like the Corona vaccine, this was a rather rushed endeavor by the CDC, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. While some scientists were aware of problems relating to the vaccine, particularly concerns about neurological damage and possible death, that information was ignored and the vaccine hit the market.

    Around 46 million Americans took the shot and over 4,000 got sick and some died. Of those, about two-thirds suffered neurological damage, including paralysis and serious crippling injuries. Over 3.5 billion dollars were eventually settled to the claimants and their families.

    Unfortunately, no one in the mainstream media is seriously questioning the safety or the efficacy of the aforementioned Corona vaccine. Has the media even mentioned that the vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus? Has anyone looked at the fact that often problems from a vaccine do not surface until several months or years have passed?

    Why are government officials and government employed scientists imploring the public to take a vaccine that may not be effective or safe? Are there underlying problems like there were in 1976 that participants were not informed about? Is the public aware that they will not be able to sue the pharmaceutical company if they are maimed or killed by the vaccine? Are people aware that over a decade has been spent trying to develop a SARS vaccine, unsuccessfully? And yet we are to believe this Corona vaccine has been developed safely and efficiently in just months?

    Why are so many willing to take a vaccine for a virus that over 99% of those who get it survive? Perhaps many citizens think if they take the vaccine, life will return to "normal". For those of us who are paying slight attention, that "normal" is a pipe dream at best. And for some of those who take the vaccine, there is a possibility that their life will be far from normal, if it exists at all.


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