General Election 2020: Farce of an Election has Far Reaching Consequences ... | Eastern North Carolina Now | Tonight, December 7, 2020, I will present to the Beaufort County Commissioners a Resolution for North Carolina Elections to make sure that coordinated, and widespread cheating never occurs to the extent that it did in this disgusting general election of so many states.

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    Publisher's Note: With a 5 to 2 majority of so-called Republicans on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, this did not pass. I have been told by other elected "Republicans" that I am just too strident (their mangled declaration indicated such) in my presentation ... and the whole time, I thought I was holding too much back.

by Commissioner Stan Deatherage

If not challenged by patriotism and common sense, and as soon as is possible.

    Tonight, December 7, 2020, I will present to the Beaufort County Commissioners a Resolution for North Carolina Elections to make sure that coordinated, and widespread cheating never occurs to the extent that it did in this disgusting general election of so many states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada, just to name the obvious, but not limited to only these "battle-ground" states.

    In North Carolina, a battleground state where President Trump did win and should, in the future, set an example of how to conduct free and fair elections, there was a blatant attempt by the Democratic Socialist governor, Roy Cooper, to use his appointed SBE (State Board of Elections), and Democratic Socialist state's attorney general, Josh Stein, to "Sue Settle" with an AFL CIO group out of Washington, DC, posing as North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans, while the North Carolina General Assembly was out of session.

    With the general assembly out of session, I though it was wise, as well as patriotic, to raise some local ruckus by writing a resolution in objection to weakening North Carolina's election laws without the consent of the NC General Assembly, and then send it around to other North Carolina county commissions, and our representatives in the general assembly, however, Beaufort County's Democratic Socialist county commissioners formed their usual coalition with their commissioners, who aspire to be of the nominal quality; thus the "Resolution in Support of North Carolina Administering Elections by North Carolina General Statue" did fail.

    Please understand this truth that I fully know will, at some point, become more of a general knowledge and conventional wisdom: The General Election of 2020 was a flawed election built upon a coordinated dubious process, where the United States Constitution was tossed from this train wreck of a democratic process, forged by a grand hypocrisy, and was replaced by a corporate media, a Fake News - propagandists all - built by the whim of paying Democratic Socialists to the exclusion of the truth, and, therefore, the American public.

    So back to North Carolina, and how can we help effect this; how can Beaufort County make a difference?

    Beaufort County is a body politic of the state of North Carolina - the only government of such, here in Beaufort County is the Beaufort County Commissioners. Beaufort County Commissioners fund much of the county board of elections, and have some strong say in what machines are used, and will be used going forward to count the votes. Just tonight, December 7, 2020, the commissioners did approve over 7,000.00 in overtime pay for salaried director Kelly Hopkins since there will be CARES money available to pay such.

    Understanding that commissioners may, should they choose to, exact some political /governmental standing when it comes to elections, from elections of council folk for the smallest villages /towns to the President of the United States - the most powerful man in the world - we are, in part, responsible for so much in the way of elections, at least enough to share a resolution that should have free and fair elections in North Carolina.

    As responsible as I submit that counties are in the election process, the North Carolina General Assembly has the constitutional standing to make lections work or not work, and as per Article I, Section 4, the general assembly is the only governmental entity that has that ability to change the ongoing election process.

    In closing, I provide the resolution in questions that states it all:

Resolution in Defense of Free and Fair, Constitutionally Conducted Elections in North Carolina and All of the United States of America's 50 States

    Whereas, the United States of America, in the year of 2020, and by the constitutionally prescribed efforts of all of its 50 states did hold an election that did occur under the cloud of multiple improprieties, many of an unconstitutional nature, other improprieties of a felonious nature, and,

    Whereas, in this General Election of 2020, a president was elected, where there is being proved that there was a coordinated effort by an extensive and corrupt cabal, including, but not limited to politically partisan state politicians that have certain prescribed duties to conduct elections; the corrupt and without merit, or any measure of integrity Propagandist Media, who did prostitute themselves to the benefit of the Democratic Socialist party and its candidates; the world's largest Social Networks that did traffic in Fake News and abject wanton Censorship to enrich the Democratic Socialist Party's candidate(s); voting machines that were internet accessible, and programmable to effect election outcomes; overtly partisan executive government officials and activist judicial systems, who played a major role in politically packaging the Covid Pandemic, thus making mail-in voting overly accessible, while not guaranteeing the performance of proper oversight to insure the validity of this convoluted process, and,

    Whereas, the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 4, provides for the rule making and procedures for states' elections (providing they meet all Federal voting rights statues) exclusively resides with states' legislatures; with the end result in this election cycle that some states did not conduct elections that were fully constitutional, and,

    Whereas, the North Carolina state board of elections, appointed by Governor Roy Cooper, did attempt, with the complete assistance of Attorney General Josh Stein, to subvert the will of the North Carolina Legislature, and, therefore, would have violated the will of North Carolina's governed people, and,

    Whereas, in this Constitutional Republic of our United States of America, the democratic process of selecting the People's government representatives is sacrosanct, and when that constitutionally prescribed process is amended by partisan politicians and other wrongful, and, or lawless activists, the entire participating public, irrespective of special interests, is wholly disenfranchised, therefore,

    Let it be resolved, Beaufort County's Commissioners, in totality, respect the sanctity of free and fair, constitutionally conducted elections in our state of North Carolina, and will advocate and act, without apprehension, for this essential end by the most constitutionally proper and lawfully prescribed democratic means, and, additionally, expect all other states' politicians /government officials to do the same.

    Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on December 7, 2020.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Do you consider Election Integrity an issue of some real importance, or just another conspiracy theory interfering with Democratic Socialist political hegemony?
  No, complete access to everyone voting, even in a willy nilly manner, is more important than getting it right by limiting access to those that would commit Voter Fraud.
  Yes, the most inalienable right of real citizens of this Democratic Republic is the Right to Vote, and that right shall remain sacrosanct for perpetuity.
  Again, I don't vote and I don't care.
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Should President Trump concede the 2020 Presidential Election to the Biden /Harris team before all the votes are counted, and states' elections certified?
  Yes, Trump will lose in the end anyway.
  No, the President should continue to uncover the truth of the most flawed election in modern American history.
  I don't vote, so I don't care.
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