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Kabuki Soldiers of the Left and Right

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    It is interesting to watch Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and rightist armed mobs marching down city streets. Putting aside for the moment any comparison to Weimar in the 1920s, one wonders how many of the toy warriors, these Kabuki soldiers ever, as opposed to dressing up as tough guys, served their nation in uniform. My guess is very few.

    Mobs, no matter what their ideological coloration, are just that, mobs. An Antifa demonstration that seeks to intimidate is no different than what the president's supporters have planned in DC on January 6th.

    But you say, that can't be! Antifa are communist terrorists and the president's supporters are just demanding a fair election. True. But the very fact that the Trump bitter enders are doing this on the day Congress certifies the Electoral College is an implicit threat. Is it legal? Yes. Do the president's supporters have every right to do it? Yes. Is that right guaranteed under the Constitution? Yes. It is wise? No.

    The sheep-like groupthink involved in such a venture relies more on raw emotion than it does on reason. It has too many parallels to Black Lives Matter and Antifa and their campaign to intimidate the nation into accepting their dark twisted psychoses.

    The January 6th march is also ironic because reliance on emotion, not reason, is the antithesis of the ideals of the Founders they claim to revere. The men of the Continental Congress were men of the Enlightenment. They worshipped reason and logic. No groupthink for them. That was reserved for about 15 years later and the egalitarian maniacs of the French Revolution, a revolt that ended up in torrents of blood and eventually military dictatorship, as most egalitarian ventures do.

    The January marchers are listening to Sydney Powell and Lin Wood when they should be reading Edmund Burke. Because it is no coincidence that the Supreme Court is taking up one of the president's election challenges on January 22nd, two days after Joe Biden becomes president of the United States. Does anybody in their right mind, people who reason and do not merely intellectually slobber, think the Supreme Court will throw a sitting president out of office over an election challenge like this? If that is not a realistic scenario, then why all the fuss and marches, especially when we have two extant races in Georgia that will decide the fate of the Senate?

    But the Kabuki soldiers will march, all gussied up in basic black and festooned with weapons they've never handled in defense of the nation. All parade and no sacrifice for these boys. After they return from their street cabaret show they will pop open a PBR and settle down to an evening of cable television pablum. This will happen while brave men and women all over the world, wearing American uniforms, actually make this country safer and guard our nation against the kind of people who parade down streets brandishing weapons.


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