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Precinct meetings: The importance of being there

My sense is that today we have a large segment of our population that has given up on government. They are disgusted, and most of them voted for Donald Trump only to see the election stolen by corruption of the election system in key states. They now assume that there is nothing they can do to fix government. But the truth of the matter is that they can do something and it will cost no money and actually very little time. That thing is: Attend the party’s precinct meetings.

Some of this may sound like old guff. However, nothing is more important to our political future than Democrats and Republicans attending their respective precinct meetings. This is how we push out the socialists and communists before we become their slaves.

Both parties have major leadership problems at all levels. Democrat pride and Republican pride are both suffering. Many people do not event want to admit they are Democrats or Republicans.

Many people believe signing petitions and attending rallies is effective. It is to some extent. The real power to make changes in the political system begins in the Democrat and Republican precinct meetings. This is where your vote counts. The precinct meetings select delegates to the county Democrat or Republican Convention. If those delegates are weak or liberal, they will elect their kind to the state convention where some of those same weak, or liberal delegates will make weak, or liberal decisions. On the other hand, if strong and conservative delegates are elected we will more likely get strong and conservative decisions made at the state convention, which is precisely what we need. Just like all government, the public gets what they elect, whether weak or strong, liberal or conservative.

You do have a say, because you registered as either a Democrat or a Republican. A lot of work, by people who want to control you goes into making sure “the right” people attend these meetings and “the right” people stay at home. The political beliefs of who shows up determines the policy.

The chances are slim and none that you will be invited to attend precinct meetings. Those who are rabid activists certainly will not invite or inform you about the meetings and how the system works. They want to keep it to themselves and members of their tribe.

The fewer Democrats and Republicans that show up at these meetings the better for those who are power hungry. You have to make the effort to participate.

Look at it like this, if 30 people show up at a precinct meeting there will be 30 different opinions. The general public’s opinions will probably be represented. If three people show up there are only three opinions. There will likely be no representation of the feelings of a large segment of the general public. The radical activists will always show up. The average person usually does not participate. You, the average person, are the most important person to show up.

Another trick at these events is to make people angry or to offend them so they will take their marbles and go home. In this case the bad boys always win. Politics is not a gentleman’s sport. Be on guard.

How did Beaufort County become a Republican majority county with two Democrats running the Board of Commissioners? The liberals, the yellow sheeters, showed up at the Beaufort County

Convention two years ago and elected former senator Bill Cook, a liberal, and Paul Varcoe another liberal, along with about 30 outsiders to run the Republican party during the following two years.

When Commissioner Gary Brinn passed away, the Executive Committee liberals did their liberal thing and filled Brinn’s seat with their liberal, John Rebholz. Rebholz had never run for office. The liberal executive committee bypassed others who had spent their time and money to run for commissioner. One of these people was Conservative Tandy Dunn. Liberals usually do not understand fairness and common decency.

This is why showing up and serving is so important. All of the “about to be elected” county executive committees, both Democrat and Republican, will fill the seats of elected officials who are unable to complete their terms, for whatever reason, during the next two years.

These Beaufort County liberals used the Republican Party machinery to work extremely hard for John Rebholz to be elected commissioner. They used the party machinery to work against conservative commissioner candidates.

Upon his election as Commissioner in November of 2020, Rebholz along with RINO Frankie Waters then joined with the two Democrats to elect Frankie Waters Chairman and Democrat Jerry Langley Vice Chairman. All four vote like Democrats.

This was caused by the conservative Republicans who did not show up at the precinct meetings two years ago. Liberals were elected who then elected more liberals, who then joined with the Democrats to control the Beaufort County Board of Commission.

The Beaufort County Republican precinct meetings and the county convention will be held the same morning which is Saturday March 6 at Southern Acres located at 3889 NC Highway 92, Bath, 27808. Registration begins at 9:30 AM. Any registered Republican can attend.

It is unusual to have the precinct meetings the same day as the convention. But, it serves a purpose. This makes it easier for those who rig the election of the executive committee. The bad boys only have to get their tribe out one day instead of two.

That is why those of you who are conservative and realize there is something terribly wrong in Republican and Democrat leadership need to go to your precinct meetings. Those of you who are conservative need to elect a conservative executive committee or at least a committee fairly balanced, between conservatives and liberals. The same things said about Republicans apply to Democrats.

This is how to change the shoddy, weak, political system in the entire United States. We, little people, have the power and the votes to do it. The socialists and communists will win if we do not show up.


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