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Proof About Why You Need to Be At Precinct Meetings

Lately, I have been doing a lot of preaching about precinct meetings and county conventions.  We are in the (two year) season for these meetings.  What I am saying applies to Democrats as well as Republicans.

If you do not like what has been going on in your party, you have a chance to hit a hard blow for change.  The reason we have weak and shallow leadership in the Republican Party and the socialist, if not communist, leadership in the Democrat Party is because of the people we have allowed to be in charge of party operations.  The bad leadership of both parties extends from Washington DC into the precincts, if not our very living rooms.

The precinct is the smallest organized unit in either party.  Precincts are local.  Precinct members are made up of your friends, neighbors and relatives.  The same people you see on the street, at the grocery store etc. Beaufort County has 21 precincts.

Anyone who is registered in the party holding the meeting can attend a precinct meeting and vote on all the issues that come up. You must be a registered Democrat or Republican to be a member of a precinct.  Those who are registered unaffiliated or independent cannot be a member of a precinct.

During the past several years, a lot of people registered as unaffiliated or independent because they did not like what went on inside the two major political parties.  They were right, but wrong at the same time.  The bad people have taken over both parties.  The bad people thru insult, innuendo, unethical and dishonest practices have driven out the decent, Christian, constitutional conservatives from both parties.   Now it is time for those who were driven out to return and cleanup the horrible mess.  The presidential tenure of Donald J. Trump has shown us just how far we have moved from the intentions of the founding fathers.  The comparison between modern politics and the intentions of the founding fathers is as clear as the difference between day and night.

Our power to clean up this mess begins in the precinct committee and moves to the County Convention and then to the District Convention and finally the State Executive Committee.  This is a good system.  We only have to show up and participate.  We cannot allow unethical or evil people to dominate.  That is what got us to where we are today.  Most (normal) people do not want to participate in or associate with unethical, or dishonest, or socialists, or communists, Honest, capitalistic, Christians have to return us to the honest operations of the political parties.  Otherwise, what we have now will only get worse.

There are realities that you have to face in order to be successful in this fight.  Yes it is a fight.  First, the reason the leadership of both parties does not encourage attendance is that their small group of radicals gets to run things if good people do not show up.  If enough people show up, the will of the people will prevail.  We will not have the riots, and corruption that we now have.  You will have to find out about precinct and County Convention meetings yourself.  No one is going to invite you.  Look at it this way.  If I get four people to attend my vote becomes five times what it was before I got four like-minded people to attend.

Over the years I have seen a lot of dirty tricks, lies and deception at precinct meetings and conventions.  You will have to have a thick skin and understand that you are operating in a snake pit.   People will deliberately insult you and deceive you to get you to leave or at least not attend again. However, it is worth the experience to save our nation and state. I have left some meetings with the feeling that I would not be normal again unit I had a good bath.

One goal in attending a precinct meeting should be to be nominated as a delegate or alternate delegate  to the county convention.  (Maybe you only want to see that good people are elected delegates.) This is where you will begin forming the party platform, and select the people who will run the party until the next county convention in two years.  There are always from two to ten or more delegates to the county convention from each precinct.  From the county convention there are always 30 or more delegates and alternate delegates to the district convention and the same form the district convention to the state convention.  If you cannot be a delegate, then be an alternate.  About half of the delegates do not show up for their appointed event. Alternates get to take their places. 

Proof that this system works came this week from the results of the Trump impeachment.  One of the House of Representatives members and one Senator were censured (punished)  by their state executive committees for their vote against Trump in these proceedings.  This is one of the things these county, district and state committees do.  They can deny party money to elected officials who have been disloyal or who have behaved badly.

Discipline has already been handed to Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, and Representative Liz Cheney from Wyoming.  This is  how the party system is supposed to work.  From the Grass roots up.

Then there is the moron who we Republican ran for President, Mitt Romney, and our very own idiot Richard (the liberal) Burr.  Both of these RINO’s voted against Trump.

Attending precinct meetings is the most effective way for those of us who are concerned, sad and feel betrayed to have a say and begin returning our party (Democrat or Republican) to its grass roots.

Participating in the political organization gets us away from two offensive falsehoods.  The first is “My vote does not count”.  The second is “Hold your nose and vote Republican or “Democrat”.  Our two   Senators are great examples. of  good people doing nothing.  Richard Burr and Thom Tillis?????  Both are liberal and support Democrat platforms more than Republican.

Its is understandable that many people do think their participation is important.  But it really is.  It is important to just show up.

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( February 18th, 2021 @ 8:45 am )
What is really strange is that I have been a county commissioner for going on 22 years here in Beaufort County, and I just received a correspondence about the upcoming precinct meetings /county convention, and just like they have for the almost last two years, they spelled my name wrong, and they get it really wrong.

It is good that the mailman knows who I am and can spell my name.

Maybe if I voted for tax increases for Beaufort County citizens, and for my fellow Democratic Socialist commissioners to be placed in key positions when a Conservative is in contention, they would get my name right.

My father once told me: "Son, you get a man's name right, it might be all he'll ever own." I get that; I have always gotten that. It is kind of a respect thing.

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