Stan's Updated Mask Mandate | Beaufort County Now | In the Age of Covid, I have fundamentally re-arranged my business, my personal responsibilities, in fact nearly my entire life because of an insidious pandemic, which is partly manmade and partly real.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    The China Flu has changed us all, brought US an new Imposter President, and the Mainstream Media to a terrible place that they will never fully recover their credibility.

So, what do I do now?    The first timely, and "essential" issue on my plate is an updated and more relevant mask mandate.

    In the Age of Covid, I have fundamentally re-arranged my business, my personal responsibilities; in fact, I have upended neqrly my entire life because of an insidious pandemic, which is partly manmade and partly real. Seriously, what choice did I have.

    First, the real part: I have many friends and acquaintances that have died from this mostly pulmonary disease, which affects mostly people my age and older - folks who are more mature, generally wiser, but with some overwhelming, or latent comorbidities. As we are all different in our conditions of health, and disposition toward this illness we all react differently, some tragically. To the extent that these many good people have suffered this illness, where many have perished, I have honored them and those still healthy and vibrant by wearing a mask, on rare occasions two masks at the height of the pandemic, but mostly, I just have not been in public as I should as a need to, but with some caveats.

    As a business owner, I have suffered terribly unproductive times, as I have allowed my employees to work remotely, or bring children to work as space has well permitted. We have had some productivity in the creative space, but not the monetary arena, the we- -have-these-many-deadlines-to-meet space, and that is about to change as am now vaccinated, and I am reintroducing all of what we have done and created new to the public.

    As a Beaufort County Commissioner, I have made sure that, with some major modifications, the county has remained open, with the governing body - the county commissioners - continuing to meet in public; however, with some remorse as I was politically helpless to do so otherwise, we did effect a poor presentation of these meetings.

    Now, for the manmade part: The Democratic Socialists, including the former "Mainstream Media", now the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, immediately seized on the China Flu as their ride to ingratiate themselves to the public by constant fear-mongering. Mixing some truth with far too many known lies, these non patriot politicians and former "journalists" worked in unison with a shared vision - to effect a one party rule - the Democratic Socialist party.

    The push for this Democratic Socialist hegemony was a complete package of a unified effort between these politicians, in league with their propagandist media force, to disabuse all of Americans of any measure of courage to persevere by: overstating all facts as well as a larger assemblage of non facts, denigrating all efforts by President Trump, and his administration, while simultaneously Impeaching the President on fake crimes manufactured by Democratic Socialist politicians, and their Propagandist Media whores.

    What we wound up was a 2020 General Election with incalculable voting irregularities, outright organized ballot harvesting with little no regulatory oversight, all sanctioned and enabled by the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, Orwellian in Scope, in league with the World's largest Social Networks' mass censorship of Political Speech they found objectionable in their colluded unified efforts to elect only Democratic Socialists. This unholy anti Republic, anti American, anti Democratic construct is actual, did happen, and is inarguable at this point to the contrary.

    In short, it has been a tough year for patriots, as well as all Americans, and, while many Democratic Socialists and their Propagandists now celebrate the victory of Imposter President Biden, and so many other Democratic Socialist politicians permanently fixed to their mindless political machine - solely oriented to destroy OUR Constitutional Republic - many innocent United States citizens will suffer this self-imposed fate of a teetering Republic, built by self government, irrespective of its quality, so terrible here in the American Spring of 2021.

    Sadly, there is not much I can do to right this Democratic Socialist imposed listing Republic (ship) other than to objectively point toward the obvious; however, I am the still the captain of my own ship, and fundamentally understanding there is no legislated Mask Mandate in North Carolina, while now fully vaccinated for 5 full days, I shall impose Stan's Mask Mandate as follows:

  • Stan Will:
  • 1. Wear a mask, and to practice social distancing, in all businesses that require them for the public, as I will shop for what are my needs, and get out as soon as I am able;
  • 2. Wear a mask, and to practice social distancing, when visiting clients or prospective clients, and will remove my mask should that be their preference, but will continue practice social distancing;
  • 3. Wear a mask, and to practice social distancing, while working with my employees, and will remove my mask should that be their preference, but will continue practice social distancing;
  • 4. Wear a mask, and to practice social distancing, when discussing issues with constituents while in public meeting recesses, and will remove my mask should that be their preference, but will continue practice social distancing.

  • Stan Will Not:
  • 1. Wear a mask while outside, while social distancing;
  • 2. Wear a mask while with my family;
  • 3. Wear a mask while working inside or outside, unless I am working or visiting with someone who would prefer that I wear a mask;
  • 4. Wear a mask while social distancing in public meeting, where I have the public's authority to engage on their behalf;
  • 5. Virtue Signal.

    So, there we have it: What "Stan will" do, and what "Stan will not" do in regards to wearing masks, when, how and where; if, for no other purpose, to be in a psoition to provide a courtesy. I also spoke, and will continue to speak my mind on how we got here, and why WE must work diligently to move forward from this regressive state of OUR wounded Republic.

    This is what I do, have done, will continue to do, and ... "I am here to help."

With no legislated Mask Mandate in North Carolina, and with vaccinations becoming ever more prevalent: What is your personal Mask Mandate?
  I will wear a mask, once fully vaccinated, as a courtesy to those present, or when required by proprietors.
  I will continue to wear a mask when fully vaccinated.
  I will not wear a mask because it does not comport with my better health requirements, and, or my ideals.
  I am pretty much a shut-in here, but, I will wear the mask if you think it best.
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( March 24th, 2021 @ 9:46 am )
Just note here on the pollicization of masks: We Americans need not go there from either side. Folks should be left to be comfortable in their mask apparel, or none at all if they choose to do so.

No one really knows definitively to what extent masks have truly helped, or even the opposite of such endeavors.

I actually could make an off the cuff, unscientific argument for either case, so, let's be kind to one another on this subject; however, if you see Virtue Signal Joe shuffling about without his mask fully engaged, and you want to yell at the television screen, "PUT YOUR DAMN MASK ON!", well, that's cool too.

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