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Monumental Issue for Beaufort County, North Carolina and our Republic Goes Unheralded and Unheeded

As a Commissioner for over 20 years now, I am finding that my junior commissioners really do not take their jobs at all seriously, and could be a fine reason why these same commissioners desire that the commissioner meetings, for some, be completely unwatchable.

    Or, I could be wrong, and these commissioner try hard, in their own way, to pose some real thought as real county commissioners serving constituencies that truly understand them and appreciate their service. I could be wrong, and they are right about important issues facing Beaufort County citizens, where they far more than I follow the guidance of the true professionals - the bureaucrats - while never taking any positions unless theirs are positions of accommodation to some perceived higher authority ... and then I come to my senses, and rightly recognize: I get it, and they don't when we disagree.

Those county commissioner discussions of this historic issue, where even we lowly commissioners, who use the public's money to fund all elections, should have some say in the constitutionality and legality of what is the most overarching issue of all time for our Democratic /Constitutional Republic - Free and Fair Elections - and segmented for your perusal here: Below.

    The very latest in a long series of this county commissioner (stan Deatherage) being right, and those others - far too often in the majority - being so desperately wrong did not involve their often hitching a ride on the "Crazy Train" of uncontrolled spending, and inattentive management; but rather, involved an esoteric issue, an every citizen's issue - the voting issue, as exhibited at the December 7, 2020 General Meeting.

    The greatest political scandal of this Constitutional Republic, which was accomplished in plain sight, was the open theft of this most recent election, where a candidate, Covid Joe, wore a Covid Mask almost constantly, hid out in the basement of one of his palatial homes (all on a Senator's salary) for almost his entire campaign, and took no real questions from any real journalists. Remarkably, this doughty old man; chased by underreported monumental scandals, some of historic proportions; who has great difficulty stringing coherent words together, in any frequent succession, got around (no one will ever no what the exact votes were in this election) 80,000,000 votes, around 6,000,000 votes more than his opponent, President Donald Trump; who alternatively, campaigned constantly while conducting his presidential duties of the most successful presidency in decades, who did receive more votes than any other presidential candidate - incumbent or otherwise - in the history our Republic ... but still lost to Joe Hiden by more than 6 million votes.

    And how could that be one might ask?

    They, the Democratic Socialist operatives, and: their cooperating politicians, mostly in executive positions of "Authority"; the Democratic Socialists Propagandist Media, Corporate Big Tech, who operate the largest internet platforms in the world, and other non patriot corporatists coordinated and achieved the grandest election cheat in any American election, and I will add, this level of cheat will never be able to be pulled off ever again; for two reasons.

    First, this Democratic Republic will not survive another election such as this; Second, this Constitutional Republic will never allow another election where this much open and wanton cheating exists.


    But rather than explain all cheating - represented by near incomprehensible, yet obvious statistic anomalies - I rather intend to focus on my fellow and frequently wrong county commissioners long standing poor decision capabilities; this advising by reference to the curious reader a recent and most definitive post here on BCN by frequent contributor and constitutional scholar, lawyer Diane Rufino.

    At the December general meeting of the Beaufort County Commissioners, I presented a resolution in defense of free and fair elections, which failed 3 to 4, with Democratic Socialist commissioners Jerry Langley and Ed Booth partnering and collaborating with the Nominal Republican Commissioners Frankie Waters and John Rebholz to defeat Commissioner Deatherage's Resolution in Defense of Free and Fair, Constitutionally Conducted Elections in North Carolina and All of the United States of America's 50 States.

A continued discussion between Commissioners Richardson and Deatherage regarding the folly of the Beaufort County Commissioners in NOT recognizing free and fair elections as essential to the coninuance of our Republic: Below.    The balance of that "Meeting After the Meeting" can be found here: Below.

   The resolution in question, which succinctly reveals to the public just what side of the political coin their Beaufort County Commissioners operate from, is represented here below.

Resolution in Defense of Free and Fair, Constitutionally Conducted Elections in North Carolina and All of the United States of America's 50 States

    Whereas, the United States of America, in the year of 2020, and by the constitutionally prescribed efforts of all of its 50 states did hold an election that did occur under the cloud of multiple improprieties, many of an unconstitutional nature, other improprieties of a felonious nature, and,

    Whereas, in this General Election of 2020, a president was elected, where there is being proved that there was a coordinated effort by an extensive and corrupt cabal, including, but not limited to politically partisan state politicians that have certain prescribed duties to conduct elections; the corrupt and without merit, or any measure of integrity Propagandist Media, who did prostitute themselves to the benefit of the Democratic Socialist party and its candidates; the world's largest Social Networks that did traffic in Fake News and abject wanton Censorship to enrich the Democratic Socialist Party's candidate(s); voting machines that were internet accessible, and programmable to effect election outcomes; overtly partisan executive government officials and activist judicial systems, who played a major role in politically packaging the Covid Pandemic, thus making mail-in voting overly accessible, while not guaranteeing the performance of proper oversight to insure the validity of this convoluted process, and,

    Whereas, the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 4, provides for the rule making and procedures for states' elections (providing they meet all Federal voting rights statues) exclusively resides with states' legislatures; with the end result in this election cycle that some states did not conduct elections that were fully constitutional, and,

    Whereas, the North Carolina state board of elections, appointed by Governor Roy Cooper, did attempt, with the complete assistance of Attorney General Josh Stein, to subvert the will of the North Carolina Legislature, and, therefore, would have violated the will of North Carolina's governed people, and,

    Whereas, in this Constitutional Republic of our United States of America, the democratic process of selecting the People's government representatives is sacrosanct, and when that constitutionally prescribed process is amended by partisan politicians and other wrongful, and, or lawless activists, the entire participating public, irrespective of special interests, is wholly disenfranchised, therefore,

    Let it be resolved, Beaufort County's Commissioners, in totality, respect the sanctity of free and fair, constitutionally conducted elections in our state of North Carolina, and will advocate and act, without apprehension, for this essential end by the most constitutionally proper and lawfully prescribed democratic means, and, additionally, expect all other states' politicians /government officials to do the same.

    Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on December 7, 2020.


Should President Trump concede the 2020 Presidential Election to the Biden /Harris team before all the votes are counted, and states' elections certified?
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