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There is a known revolutionary in the NCAE. Does this frighten you? It should, and here's why!

    There has been a great deal of discussion in the news every day about "critical race theory". Unfortunately, most people do not know what this means. They know that race is being jammed down people's throats every day from all directions. We know that any issue that disagrees with some black leaders' beliefs that the label of Racists or Racism comes out immediately in order to put the other person on the defensive. I think that most people would never think of themselves as racist because they interact with black people all the time and do so in a very friendly and engaging manner. But the people that are pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) are doing so for political reasons and that starts right here in our state capital.

    In the course of research about critical race theory, I came upon an article with a headline that was so intriguing that I had to stop and read it. Having read it once I could not believe what I was reading so I went back and read it again to make absolutely sure. This article claims that the NCAE has an extremist President and a Revolutionary as Vice President. These two people are named Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Profitt. Ms. Kelly has an affiliation with the Marxist Black Lives Matter and that is bad enough. But Mr. Profitt is a self-identified "revolutionary" communist working for the Chinese-affiliated group Liberation Road.

    A report by The Epoch Times pinpointed Mr. Profitt as the leader of Liberation Roads campaign to infiltrate North Carolina institutions. Elements of that report are used in this article in order to connect the dots between NCAE leaders and CRT which was the original emphasis of our article.

    Upon reading this, I immediately contacted Sen Bob Steinburg and sent him the article that I had read. He got back to me stating that this was huge. I presume that this issue will be spread around throughout the Legislature very soon. I hope that our Law Makers will take action to expose the NCAE as the extremists that they are.

    The City of Durham with the largest concentration of black voters in the state, has become ground zero for Mr. Profitt and the NCAE.

    According to its Unity Statement, Liberation Road members follow the teachings of Mao Zedong, the leader of China's failed cultural revolution which was called the Great Leap Forward from 1958 to 1962 during which time Mao's policies killed up to 45 million people making him the largest mass murder on record.

    Mr. Profitt has written a paper entitled "Struggle Paper" that includes the following: "Build a common project or campaign with folks who are in social movement organizations, community organizations, unions, schools and revolutionary organizations. Base the project on local investigation of issues that folks can develop and work on together. We need more base-building, more mass movement. That's how we create space for people to change their own realities.

    Revolutionaries, together, have a big role to play here. Doing this kind of work with those that we haven't before will help to build trust and lasting political relationships that can take us to a higher-level of struggle.

    Clearly, Liberation Road now controls North Carolinas Teacher Assoc, NCAE, which they use as a vehicle to recruit aspiring revolutionaries while at the same time maintaining an outsized influence in policy-making in the state's public schools making indoctrinating children easier.

    Mr. Profitt's brand of communism states: "I am a revolutionary because I think that capitalism has to go. We cannot make a nicer, more diverse society without eliminating white supremacy. We are not going to end violence against women until we end a system called patriarchy that says that men are more valuable than women, and that there are only two boxes of genders and that everybody has to fit into one or the other. We are not going to reform that. To build a revolutionary party, we're going to have to reform a lot of that stuff along the way."

    The comments stated above have been extrapolated from the article that was written back in January which I doubt that many people have seen. I had been worried about Critical Race Theory for some time and the 1619 project that has been used as a means to downplay the origins of the United States. Then, a couple of days ago, I heard about a teacher's forum that was held in Wake County where someone stated that white parents should be ignored if they expressed any concerns about what their children were being taught in school. I don't have any school-age children but I was infuriated that anyone would have the temerity to make such a statement in open public. So, I contacted Catherine Truitt trying to find out who had made the statement and the best answer she could give me was that a third party had been hired by the school system to come in and teach these teachers, but otherwise she was unaware of whether or not a member of the Wake County Schools Administration had made the statement or not.

    So, what is Critical Race Theory? The short answer is what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis described as Identity Politics that teaches children to hate each other and to hate their country. Children hating each other deals with the issue of white privilege that pits groups of individuals against other groups of individuals based solely upon their skin color and their race.

    At the conference to which we just referred, Superintendent Cathy Moore of the WCPSS introduced what the conference called "Ed Camp Equity" which includes lessons on "whiteness in ed spaces" "micro-aggressions at work" and trauma-informed yoga. More than 200 teachers attended. Documents obtained through a public records request revealed one document showed a chart describing a "critical race theory model" that teachers hold hidden stereotypes and biases that compel them to "have different expectations and hold Black students to a different standard." A key tenant of CRT also challenges the claim that public education is colorblind and provides opportunity for all.

    CRT teaches that America is fundamentally racist and teaches individuals to view all interactions in terms of race.

    At the conference, teachers were told to subvert parents and push CRT directly to students without parental consent.

    CRT is an made up of civil-rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race, and to challenge mainstream liberal; mainstream approaches to racial justice. CRT examines social and cultural issues as they relate to race, law and social and political power.

    CRT began in the mid-70s and emerged as a movement by the 80s. The analysis of the various issues suggests both a theoretical framework rooted in critical theory, a social philosophy which argues that social problems are influenced and created more by societal structures and cultural assumptions than by individual and psychological factors.

    There are two common themes in this discussion:

    white supremacy exists and maintains power through the law

    that transforming the relationship between law and racial power, as well as achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination, are possible.


    Critics of CRT say that it relies on social construction, elevates storytelling over evidence and reason, rejects the concepts of truth and merit, and opposes liberalism.

    It was recently reported that a group of parents in Loudoun County Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC, who have spoken out against CRT have been put on a "hit list" by neighbors. The apparent intent of this list is for the opposing side that believes in CRT will hack the websites of opposing neighbors and expose them through mail and other nefarious activities.

    There is no doubt that the issues that we have noted above have come into prominence as a result of the killing of George Floyd and others by the police of various jurisdictions. Tearing down of statues and the removal of all references to American History and all these other things that we've been seeing on TV are just an influence of what appears to be a general effort to use racism as a tool to fundamentally change the government of the United States. Remember the words of Barack Obama when he said they were 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States. Everyone who was present at the time clapped and cheered, without knowing the meaning of those words. Are we are seeing the destruction of our country in real time? I for one do not have any idea where all this is leading but I believe that eventually this could lead to a full-blown race war. I hope that I am wrong but I fear that I am right!

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