The Chinese Plan to Flip Southern States | Beaufort County Now | Most people are generally aware that the Chinese are attempting to take over the United States in a variety of different ways, most of which are economic and military.

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John Woodard
    Most people are generally aware that the Chinese are attempting to take over the United States in a variety of different ways, most of which are economic and military. However, the point of view for many people is that taking over the election system of the United States is very difficult to accomplish and that the current system is too complex. The fact is that China has been working on flipping key southern states for a very long time and they are getting pretty good at it.

    People have been surprised in recent years to see the change in the Commonwealth of Virginia which has been a reliably Republican voting bloc. Now it has transformed from red to purple to all blue and is now more reliably Democrat than when it was a Republican state. This is been going on for at least 10 years in Virginia and people have been sitting back and watching this transformation and reconciling their thoughts around the population of Northern Virginia with all the federal employees that live in that part of the state. While the Chinese had the same demographics and they have spent the last 10 years building this new majority. Who would've thought that Terry McAuliffe would win the governorship of Virginia? The answer is no one that I know. He was a Democratic partisan who supported Bill Clinton through all of his trials and tribulations and then supported Hillary Clinton for President. Yet he won a reasonably comfortable victory which led us to Gov. Northam. Will Virginia see a Republican governor in its future, I guess were going to have to see about that. But let there be no mistake, the Democrats are far better at messaging than the Republicans are. The Republican Party hasn't had a good messenger that spoke to all people of all stripes, since the death of Lee Atwater. Someone once told me that Lee Atwater could tell you to go hell and make you look forward to the trip. The Republican messaging is all over the map while the Democrats all sing from the same sheet of music. So, did the Democrats just do a better job of electioneering or did the Chinese influence to flip various counties and districts make the difference, or was it a combination of all those things?

    We have written recently about the Pro-China communist from the Liberation Road group. We have been clear about what they are doing in North Carolina to change the institutions within the state which includes education of our children. The teacher's group, NCAE has as its President and Vice President, two extremists' leaders, Tamika Walker Kelly its President who is a member of the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter and Bryan Profit it's Vice President who is a leader in the Liberation Road organization a Maoist group . How these people could get through a vetting procedure to qualify for the jobs that they hold is astonishing. The fact that many of our Legislators have never heard of these people is equally astonishing. These people have been operating in plain sight, under the nose of our legislators in both houses without being detected. That is going to change in the very near future. But back to the original question, I personally do not know how these people are hired, who does the hiring and what information they need to provide to be hired for an executive position anywhere in the education process of our state. But we are going to find out very soon.

    Liberation Road has already taken Virginia and now they have their sights on North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee.

    Until April 2020, Liberation Road had been known as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). They are an amalgamation of several Maoist and anarchist factions, some dating back to the anti-Vietnam war of the 1960s.

    In 2016 FRSO made its first serious foray into electoral politics in response to the election of Pres. Trump and other federal election victories. Their typical emphasis is usually focused on racial and sexual minorities such as Black Lives Matter as a front group. Ending white privilege is a major part of Liberation Road and their strategy. According to Liberation Road, socialism will come to the United States by rallying minorities against white capitalism and minority voters against what they term The New Confederacy. These words are taken from their website:" The New Confederacy is the white United front that, building up over the past 40 years, has used white supremacy, patriarchy and austerity to rally sectors of the white middle class and white workers around the leadership of the most reactionary forces of capital. The Republican Party is its political instrument." Now after succeeding in Virginia, they are preparing to move into the states that I just mentioned and to influence elections and elect members and supporters to public office.

    Liberation Road blames the South for all that is wrong with America. They believe that without the South, the United States could soon become a non-racist, gender fluid, climate-change battling, non-patriarchal socialist paradise.

    According to the Liberation Road solution to the Republican stranglehold on the South must be broken County by County, state-by-state by mobilizing the large black and Latino populations in the South in alliance with the existing white progressive minorities. In response, some new efforts by progressive forces have emerged to bring together the multi-racial working-class with minority nationalities. They have a broad vision of contending for power. They work in the street and in the election booth, they work inside and outside the Democratic Party and they fight austerity and white supremacy.

    Liberation Road has learned from the mistakes of the past in order to form a flexible strategy in its relationship with the Democratic Party.

    If anybody is wondering about the incessant propaganda from the left against the Republican Party, conservatives and traditional Christians-all components of the New Confederacy-Liberation Road makes its purpose clear. "For there to be an us, there also has to be a them that we can define through relation to us. This is why it is critically important to have an enemy such as the racist-billionaires, the New Confederacy, and their political organization, the Republican Party. The naming of an enemy gives us the narrow target needed to direct the United front forces. This in turn sets the foundation to determine the lines of demarcation between the enemy and the People's United front."

    While they will never admit it, Liberation Road is working in the interest of China and the world revolutionary movement. They fully understand that the United States, must be taken down if the revolution is to succeed.

    There are many front organizations that are richly funded through several major foundations and the Democracy Alliance-a network of more than 150 leftist billionaires and multi-millionaires including presidential candidate Tom Stier, George Soros, socialist lawyer Steve Phillips and many others. Clearly, they do not lack for resources.

    It should be pointed out that the City of Durham has several City Council members who were endorsed by the Liberation Front which includes the Mayor. In Florida and Georgia, FRSO was a major part of the coalition that almost elected Andrew Gillum and Stacy Abrams. They lifted Democratic voting by around 40%, which normally would have guaranteed victory. Only because Pres. Trump ignored the Republican Party hierarchy and endorsed the strong insurgent conservative Ron DeSantis were the voters able to narrowly stave off a shocking Democratic victory.

    The work of the Republican Party that lies ahead to vet conservative candidates and stop electing rhinos is going to be a big part in the 2022 election. Pres. Biden is making the job a lot easier with his radical agenda which includes attempting to spend us into bankruptcy, but we cannot take for granted that the election is going to be won easily and that we are going to take back the house and improve our margins in the Senate and then elect a Republican President in 2024. This is an all hands on deck proposition and there's no room for anyone to sit on the sidelines and wait for the other guy to do the job.

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