Biden Must Not Betray Israel to Aid Hamas | Beaufort County Now | Netanyahu needs freedom to act.

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Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    Israel and her leaders must be given freedom of action to deal with Hamas. Antisemites and Israel haters inside the Biden administration want to hamper the Jewish state and spare the Democrat-allied Hamas. Michael Goodwin of the New York Post argues against that and for Israel.

    Goodwin: "For many Americans, the violent clash between Israel and Hamas sparks an understandable sense of having seen it all before. While it's true there is a long, bloody history between the combatants, the current fighting is unique in ways that make the endgame especially crucial for the Jewish state and the entire region. The most obvious change is that Hamas increased its rocket capacity, both in numbers and range. In previous battles, the relative handful of explosives launched from Gaza were a threat only to Israelis near the border.

    "This time, more than 2,000 rockets and mortars have been fired, and Israeli officials are surprised at how far some can travel. While the explosives are unguided and many are destroyed by Iron Dome batteries, the sheer number has at times overwhelmed the defense system, making all of Israel more vulnerable. Air raid sirens are sending residents to defense shelters all over the country and some civilians have been killed, including a child. The rockets are smuggled from Iran or built in Gaza using Iranian supplies, making the weapons a proxy for Iran's malign reach. Hezbollah, the Iranian cat's-paw controlling Lebanon, sits on Israel's northern border, and three rockets fired from there Friday caused concern that a second front might develop.

    "There also are outbreaks of violence in the West Bank and Arab villages in Israel, some involving Jewish and Muslim civilians attacking each other. Still, the main event is the Iranian connection and the willingness of Hamas to fire indiscriminately on civilian areas, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. That combination justifies Israel's ferocious response and its effort to wipe out the terrorist group's leadership. A Wednesday tweet from the Israel Defense Forces showed the faces of 14 men it said were 'neutralized...They were responsible for the rocket attacks against Israel in the last 72 hours,' the tweet read. 'They will never plan another terror attack again.'

    "The decapitation strikes illustrate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to inflict massive and lasting damage on Hamas. To head off any push for quick restraint, which would give Hamas a public relations victory and spare its leaders, Israeli officials told the Biden administration to buzz off. They want the freedom to act because they believe it is crucial that Hamas not only lose the war it started, but for its defeat to be widely seen and understood. Otherwise, the terrorists will gain stature and an incentive to do it again. To achieve that success, Israel needs sufficient time to smash the organization's operating ability and destroy its arms cache. How much time is a guess, but it is probably a matter of days, not weeks...

    "It's also a given that Hamas and Iran are testing President Biden. David Friedman, who was Trump's ambassador to Israel, argues Hamas aimed to inflict damage on Israel while being spared a full retaliation because it believed Biden would quickly pressure Israel to de-escalate. Critically, Friedman cites Biden's 'seemingly irrational eagerness' to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. The new president wants to lift the Trump-era economic sanctions without demanding any restraint on either Iran's nuclear program or aggressive support of Hamas. Count that as another reason why Israel deserves the time to deal Hamas a crushing blow. Anything less will embolden the terrorists and Iran to start yet another round of bloodletting."

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