Palestinian Terrorists Launch Rockets at Israel, End Up Hitting Gaza | Beaufort County Now | Video emerged late on Wednesday of one of the many instances from the recent fighting in Israel in which Palestinian terrorists have fired rockets at Israel only to have the rocket land back inside Gaza.

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Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Ryan Saavedra.

    Video emerged late on Wednesday of one of the many instances from the recent fighting in Israel in which Palestinian terrorists have fired rockets at Israel only to have the rocket land back inside Gaza.

    "Since the beginning of operation 'Guardian of the Walls', approximately 4070 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory, of which approximately 610 failed launches fell in the Gaza Strip," The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in its most recent update. "The Iron Dome Air Defense System has an intercept rate of approximately 90%."

    The IDF gave the following additional operational updates from over the last 24 hours:

  • IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas terror tunnel in Beit Hanoun, as well as two underground rocket launchers in Jabalia, which were used to fire rockets at Tel Aviv. In addition, an IDF fighter jet struck a military operations room of the Hamas terror organization used by Hamas for combat management.
  • The IDF identified and struck a multi-barrel rocket launcher site and prevented fire towards Israel.
  • A short while ago, an IDF fighter jet struck a multi-barrel rocket launcher belonging to the Hamas terror organization located in Khan Yunis, in the Gaza Strip.
  • In the past 24 hours, IDF fighter jets struck dozens of additional underground terror targets as part of the ongoing extensive operation to strike the Hamas ‘Metro’ tunnel system across the Gaza Strip, causing significant damage to Hamas’s underground network. At this time, IDF fighter jets continue to strike underground terror targets. Furthermore, the IDF struck a number of additional terror targets across the Gaza Strip overnight, among them: terror infrastructure used for conducting military operations located in the residence of a company commander of the north Khan Yunis battalion, Ali Abu Zarqa, a Hamas weapons manufacturing facility and a number of above ground and underground rocket launch sites.
  • Over the past few hours, IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck a weapons storage unit located inside the residence of the former Minister of Justice and Released Prisoners who previously served as a member of the Hamas Political Bureau. In addition, the IDF struck military infrastructure located in the residences of Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed gratitude to other nations around the world, including the U.S., for supporting Israel's right to self-defense.

    "I have just come from the IDF operation command center in the Kirya; it is very impressive," Netanyahu said on Wednesday. "With every passing day we are striking at most of the terrorist organization's capabilities, targeting more senior commanders, toppling more terrorist buildings and hitting more weaponry stockpiles."

    "Just as I told the ambassadors here today, this is the inherent right of Israel," Netanyahu continued. "I very much appreciate the support of these governments, and I especially appreciate the support of our friend U.S. President Joe Biden, for the State of Israel's right to self-defense. I am determined to continue this operation until its objective is achieved: to restore the calm and security to you, citizens of Israel."
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