Fighting Biden’s Divisive Policies | Beaufort County Now | Charmaine Yoest, Jack Spencer, John Malcolm, and James Carafano detail at the Daily Signal principles that can help Americans counteract President Biden’s misguided policies.

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Fighting Biden’s Divisive Policies

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Mitch Kokai.

    Charmaine Yoest, Jack Spencer, John Malcolm, and James Carafano detail at the Daily Signal principles that can help Americans counteract President Biden's misguided policies.

  • Americans are woke. They woke up and realized President Joe Biden is no moderate. He is spearheading the most radical policies in modern history, policies that would transform this nation into an unrecognizable country-far less safe, more impoverished, and more unfree.
  • Nevertheless, the vital issues of the day pull us together. Conservatives share a common vision for maximizing human freedom and opportunity. They are primed to unite and fight. ...
  • ... 1. Protect Our Vote. Biden slandered voter integrity laws by labeling them "Jim Crow." Practically his first act of governance was to propose that the federal government take over the conduct of national elections.
  • America deserves better. ...
  • ... 2. Secure Our Border. Biden is an "open borders" president-period. It is not possible to have a nation without secure borders and a lawful and orderly immigration system. Americans are dismayed by the current chaotic conditions created by the rapid implementation of policies that actually encourage illegal immigration rather than preventing it. ...
  • ... Americans want strong borders, immigration laws to be enforced like any other law, and to prioritize Americans' interests above those of illegal aliens.
  • No More Debt. Biden's budget and economic policies promise sluggish economic growth and the threat of more inflation. The federal budget is growing far faster than American paychecks and the debt has hit astronomical levels. ...
  • ... 4. Stand Up to China. Biden is weak on China. That's a problem. No free nation wants to be a suburb of Beijing.
  • Ultimately, the China challenge is about what kind of world we want to live in. We cherish human rights, a free economy, and freely elected governments. China doesn't believe in any of those. In fact, it sees freedom as the biggest obstacle to the world it wants.

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