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One of the major mouthpieces of the left, the New York Times, a.k.a Pravda on the Hudson, has come out and admitted that we are not being told the truth about the left's "green economy".  It will not produce good paying middle class jobs but instead low wage grueling jobs like an Amazon warehouse or an Uber driver.  Further the big winner of the whole process is the Chinese economy, not the American economy.

The rub is that the good paying jobs are in making solar panels and wind turbines, not in installing and servicing them, and the manufacturing is mostly done in China.  For solar panels, for example, 80% of them are Chinese made and US production is in the low single digits.  So instead, of US workers, many of them skilled, building power plants to produce electricity, Biden wants us to buy Chinese made solar panels and wind turbines.  Instead of high paying skilled jobs to operate the power plants, we would have lower paying jobs to service the Chinese made solar panels.



As usual, Biden is looking out for China, not for the US.  And what is China building to power its own economy? Hundreds of  coal fired power plants to provide cheap and reliable electricity, of course!  The solar panels and wind turbines it builds are only for the suckers in the western world.

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( July 28th, 2021 @ 10:36 am )
Those "green jobs" in wind and solar energy seem designed for illegal aliens. That article describes those "green jobs" as "grueling low wage jobs" It was, then, not surprising when I saw a truck with a logo of a solar energy outfit pull up to Lowes not long ago and the four occupants who got out were all speaking Spanish. Meanwhile, the elites are hollowing out the American middle class by eliminating the skilled high wage jobs in building and operating gas, nuclear, and coal power plants and hydro dams.

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