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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has reinforced his army presence on Austria's border to stop illegal immigration by deploying  an additional 400 army troops. This will supplement the 2400 army troops backed by armored personnel carriers already on Austria's eastern and southern borders.  Austria has been using its army to back the border police to stop illegal alien border jumping since Kurz was Interior Minister.  Kurz is now in his second term as Chancellor and is the world's youngest prime minister.  His traditional conservative Austrian Peoples Party has seen huge increases in its vote share from Kurz' hard line on immigration policy.

Kurz' first act as Chancellor had been to inform the EU that Austria would not under any circumstances accept any EU demands to accept illegal alien migrants into Austria.  He was a key organizer of a "coalition of the willing" of European countries committed to stopping illegal immigration.  "The European asylum system has failed"  declared Austria's Interior Minister in speaking of the new troop deployment.

Hungary, Austria's neighbor, last week increased its own forces on its borders to stop illegal aliens.  Hungary's border forces have robust rules of engagement. A couple of months ago, when a mob of illegal alien migrants rushed a border crossing that had closed for the night, the Hungarians stopped them and forced them to retreat by opening fire with live ammunition.

Greece's conservative New Democracy government, which sent troops and tanks to the border with Turkey to stop Muslim migrants trying to break into Europe, is now facing migrants opening a new route by detouring through Macedonia to enter Greece.

Earlier this month, much farther north, Lithuania,  run by a conservative Homeland Union government, announced its deployment of army troops to its border with Belarus and their intention to build a border wall there to stop Muslim migrants entering Lithuania through Belarus.

While many European countries are deploying their military to stop illegal immigration, Biden has stood down the border defenses of the US and not even used the Border Patrol properly, much less the army.

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