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We are all familiar with the concept of AOC's "Green New Deal" - get rid of coal and push wind and solar as a replacement, something that makes electricity not only much more expensive but also much less reliable.  Ask a German, an Australian, or a Californian. AOC's chief of staff even admitted that the Green New Deal is not really about the environment; it is about building socialism.

A Green New Deal bill has passed the NC House and gone to the Senate, with RINO fingerprints all over it.   Why?  Part of the reason is that Speaker Tim Moore is pushing it very hard but trying to stay in the shadows in doing so.  A number of usually conservative legislators surprisingly voted for the bill in the House. One of them admitted at a political meeting this weekend  that HB951 is a horrible bill and is the Green New Deal, but he voted for it because Moore came to him and personally pressed him to vote for it.  Of course, the way in which it was sprung on the House as a last minute committee substitute left little time to organize opposition, and conservative House members thought the Senate would have a better chance of taking all the bad stuff out of it.

HB951 was introduced as a bill to help encourage nuclear energy, and was a decent bill.  Some of its original provisions which have survived in a watered down form are actually positive and NOT green new deal policy.  What was done by committee was to water down the original bill and tack on many pages of new provisions that ARE green new deal.  That was then rushed through the House, with the approval of Speaker Tim Moore.  Committee substitutes are a mechanism that has been used before to push things the GOP base does not want but legislative leadership does. They are a huge red flag that something is rotten.

Early in this legislative session, a group of Duke Power lobbyists and lobbyists for wind and solar grifters started meeting secretly to plot this legislation.  They called themselves "stakeholders", a term that itself is another big red flag, but somehow did not consider representatives of electric consumers, either residential or commercial worthy of being part of the process.   Duke Power has monopoly control of electric power in most of North Carolina, and wind and solar operators depend on government subsidies and mandates to exist, as they could not survive in a free market where they had to compete with more efficient traditional power generation.  The guts of what is now HB951 were put together in secret in smoke filled rooms by the special interests that would benefit from it, and then shoved on the legilsature with Tim Moore's approval through the corrupt "committee substitutet" process.

Duke Power has in recent years decided it wants to get the federal government's wind and solar subsidies for itself rather than letting them go to others.  They care nothing that wind and solar make electricity more expensive to their customers because, as a monopoly the customers have no access to competitors.  This should make elected legislators more cautious of a monopoly's requests, not help them shove it through.

The term "stakeholders" is a big red flag.  Its origins are from UN programs and from the Davos globalists'  totalitarian "Great Reset". ("Build Back Better" / "You will own nothing and you will be happy").  "Stakeholders" can be defined as "special interests", "corporatists", or "insiders".  When you hear or see it, you know it is contrary to free enterprise, free markets, and consumers interests

HB951 would close a number of coal fired power plants prematurely, not an economically efficient move, and replace them with either gas fired power plants, or more ominously with solar, backed by huge batteries.  These batteries have been proven failures at maintaining power supply when green energy goes down, as it often does.  They also have proven to be prone to spontaneously combusting and burning out of control emitting deadly toxic fumes.  When strong Spring storms knocked most of the state of South Australia's wind turbines out, they tried to rely on the world's largest battery to take up the slack.  It dribbled out power for 15 minutes and then died.  Even die-hard globalist and climate alarmist Bill Gates has admitted that giant batteries just do not work to keep the grid up.

How much more does "green" electricity cost?  A recent report in the New York Daily News gives a good example.  The Long Island Power Authority wanted to "go green" so they contracted to buy wind power from the just built South Fork Wind Project off of Long Island.  They have contracted for a beginning wholesale price that is four and a half times what they are currently paying wholesale for conventional electricity, and their contract price for the wind power keeps going up from there.

HB951 may be great for leftie Green New Deal ideologues and for the special interests out to line their pockets.  It is a true horror story for most electric consumers.

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( August 15th, 2021 @ 7:20 pm )
The only thing "green" about "green energy" is the money flowing to the con men running these scams. Sadly, utilities are now getting into the crooked game, too, as well as politicians. It is, and always has been, a massive ripoff of both the taxpayer and the electric ratepayer. What is curious is why Speaker Tim Moore is so hot and bothered to support this citizen ripoff for the special interests. The word is out that he is looking for a new gig. Could he be trying to butter up Duke Power for a high paid position?

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