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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

By:  Hood Richardson

What we are not being told can sometimes be more important than what we are being told.  Sort or like not being told the whole truth.  Just enough of the good parts to keep you from being really concerned.

My travels have been limited to within 50 miles of Washington, NC since at least a year before the Covid lock down.  The National Association of County Commissioners decided to have their first convention since Covid during the first week of July.  I decided to attend to find out how other commissioners across the United States see the political environment, to see how things look around Washington, DC and for the various seminars.  I always more than pay for this trip with things I learn to reduce costs in Beaufort County Government.  Hogwash, you say.  Well, at worst I get educated enough to keep the communist liberals form hornswaggeling me.

I came face to face with some stark realities.

For one thing, the National Association of County Commissioners (NACO) whose offices are in downtown Washington, had the convention at National Harbor, Maryland, just across the River from DC.  The unpublished reason for this location was that it was too dangerous to have it in DC.  I have since learned there are several encampments of homeless occupying a lot of the public areas, like Lafayette Square, not far from the White House.  The US House of Representatives still allows absentee voting.  A lot of service businesses, like restaurants, are closed in Washington.  The Democrats are working hard to keep it in lockdown.

I took the Amtrac to Alexandria, Virginia arriving at about 4:00 PM.  One has to wear a face mask the entire time he is on Amtrac property.  I usually go into Union Station in downtown Washington.  Alexandria is only 3 or 4 miles away.  The Pentagon is at Alexandria.  When fully staffed there are about 26,000 people in the complex, only a few miles  from the train station.  I went outside with my luggage.  I looked for a taxi and saw there was only one. While approaching it another arrived.  There was an argument between the two drivers as to which one would haul me.  On the way to National Harbor the taxi driver said he had been waiting two hours for a fare.  He said, usually, if he got stuck in Alexandria, he could go into DC and work. But, no more.

I arrived at the Gaylord Hotel, a very nice facility.  They have been closed for 16 months and only re-opened on July 1.  The staff was quick to tell us how glad they were to see us. We are the first convention since the virus started.  They were short handed.  It took more than a day to get the TV in my room working.  The staff was very nice but there were no young staffers.  Everyone looked to be 50 years or older.  They were training new employees.

On Sunday morning I wanted to return to the Alexandria Station,  at about 10:00 AM, normally a busy check out time.  The Gaylord has six traffic lanes at their front door, normally a very busy place.  There were no people and no taxis.  The bellman allowed that he had one Uber, and that was it.  I took it.  This driver said that business was terrible.  It may be that many other large metropolitan centers are experiencing these same conditions.  For sure places like, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc are.

Those commissioners that I spoke with all had one opinion.  The entire Covid thing had been a disaster for them and their people.  All had lost people they knew but the over-doing of the lockdown, rather than quarantine, had caused many problems.  The government funneling of money into their communities was causing disruptions in keeping businesses open and there was financial pain for working people everywhere.  Maybe I managed to only pick out the conservatives from among the approximately 2,500 people in attendance, but those with whom I talked, or heard talking, were of one accord in how poorly the Federal government has handled the so-called pandemic.

One disgusting session that I sat in on was on immigration.  The main speaker was directly from Biden’ policy group at the White House.  He started off indicating there would be no effort to stem the flow of immigrants because conditions were so horrible in foreign countries.  His most stupid statement was that the Biden Administration intended to handle immigration by doing studies in the countries immigrants are coming from and to resolve their reasons to immigrate.  Then they would stay at home.  I could not sit still for that.  I raised

my hand an asked the following question:  “Please name one or two other countries in the world who have solved their immigration problems by using this method”.   He was not happy.  He changed the subject.  I was congratulated for taking him on.  I wanted to point out to him that there will always be poor countries that people want to flee from and we could never make all of them wealthy enough to keep their people satisfied.  But he obviously did not want to engage in an honest discussion of the problem so we moved on.

I am concerned that the Biden Administration is deliberately using every tool available to destabilize our nation in order to encourage frustrated citizens to do provocative things so more controls can be placed on us or martial law can be declared.  So many people that I encounter are frustrated and scared about the virus simply because the Fauci propaganda machine is constantly changing advice about the virus.  Efforts to dictate the wearing of masks and vaccinations are feeding the frustrations of the shutdown. This spreading of uncertainty is done deliberately. 

Sewing uncertainty and destabilizing are Communist Party Revolution tactics.   As is seizing power (the shutdown) and creating emergencies to force or convince citizens to withdraw into their homes,

It is important, at this critical time, that we act calmly and wisely to resolve leadership problems.  Use commonsense and stay off social media. We have just as many idiots, fruitcakes, communists and treasonous elected officials at the state and county levels as we have in Washington DC.  We need to carefully eliminate disloyal and bad actors in our municipal and 2022 general elections as we can.  These people are useful idiots to the communist cause.  We know and see them locally.  They, in their self-righteous beliefs think they are doing good.  Both Senators, Tillis and Burr, will strongly defend their behavior as being the best for the United States. You as a voter may have problems recognizing other useful idiots.  The acid test is simple:  If they do not standup rock solid for the Constitution and vote accordingly, they need to be removed.  No one can be neutral in this fight, in my opinion. If you do not vote to remove 90 percent of the incumbents we will not have  successful 2022 elections. Don’t take a chance and vote to re elect that innocent looking incumbent.  By definition, if he has not taken a strong position for the Constitution, he is the problem.

The seizing of power has caused very negative effects on society and are much more severe and lasting than I believed before this trip.  The fallout from the shutdown and the “free money” keeps coming.  We are experiencing small business closing up shop every day, with more and more shortages of everything, and the poisoning of the workforce by easy money.  Inflation is upon us and likely to get much worse.

For those who are stressed out, be careful not to over react.  We can settle this at the voting places by not returning incumbents to office.  The actions of our two idiot Senators, Tillis and Burr, in voting for the Biden-Pelosi infrastructure bill should tell even the most doubtful that it is time for many changes.

The good new is:  The time is coming when enough American patriots will not tolerate this destruction to our nation.  I believe we will see a major shift in 2022 and even greater in 2024.  Keep the faith and stay involved.



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( August 16th, 2021 @ 2:15 pm )
Hood, Thank you for going and reporting back. Also for asking questions even though they were not answered.

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