Biden’s betrayal of Afghans will live in infamy | Beaufort County Now | Our abandonment of the Afghans who helped us, counted on us, and staked their lives on us is a final, gratuitous shame that we could have avoided.

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The, certainly not a conservative publication but one that roundly supports the Biden Administration, offered the following lead story this morning (8-16-21):

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the 20-year debacle in Afghanistan—enough to fill a library of books. Perhaps the effort to rebuild the country was doomed from the start. But our abandonment of the Afghans who helped us, counted on us, staked their lives on us, is a final, gratuitous shame that we could have avoided. The Biden administration failed to heed the warnings on Afghanistan, failed to act with urgency—and its failure has left tens of thousands of Afghans to a terrible fate. This betrayal will live in infamy. The burden of shame falls on President Joe Biden.

Khan, an Afghan interpreter I first wrote about in March, is on the verge of escaping from Afghanistan with his wife and small son. Three clocks are ticking. The first is his wife’s pregnancy. She’s at 34 weeks—two more weeks and she’ll no longer be allowed to board a flight out of Afghanistan. The second clock is the availability of a visa to the United States and an air ticket. After years of waiting, yesterday Khan finally received his Special Immigrant Visa as one among thousands of Afghans who worked for the U.S. military. By then, amid the general panic of Afghans trying to get out of the country, ticket prices to Europe and the U.S. had doubled, from $800 to $1,600, and seats were going fast. A travel agent told Khan that none were available until the end of August, but yesterday morning, Khan’s pro bono lawyer, Julie Kornfeld of the International Refugee Assistance Project, managed to book him seats on a Turkish Airlines flight on Tuesday.

The third clock is the Taliban. In the past week, every city except Kabul fell to the insurgents. A few days ago, U.S. intelligence sources predicted that Kabul could go as soon as next month. This morning, the Taliban are at the city gates, preparing to enter the capital and seize total power. “I think when they enter Kabul, first they will block the airport, because they do not want us to escape,” Khan told me by phone from Kabul. Just as he seems to have obtained everything he needs to save himself and his family, it might be too late.

In recent days Kabul became the last point of escape for Afghans who fear for their lives under the return of the Taliban. Every provincial capital has fallen to the insurgent offensive; regional airports have closed; roads to Kabul and the borders are being controlled by Taliban checkpoints; government-security forces are in a state of collapse across the country. The U.S. has sent several thousand Marines to assist with the evacuation of embassy personnel, even as those officials deal with the flood of visa applications and entreaties from interpreters and others with American connections. Today, the U.S. government is more focused on saving our own than on saving the Afghans who counted on us. For many of them, time is running out. For some, it already has.

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( August 17th, 2021 @ 9:16 am )
Sabotage of the the United States and the free world. This is what you get with a ChiCom Puppet Joe president: Disastrous end to Afgan War; disastrous foreign policy, disastrous border situation - busloads of medically unchecked illegals being transported to all points of our country while masked citizens are under crazy regulations; corporations thrive while small businesses are killed - the destruction of the middle class. All this after almost seven months in with this administration; the rapidity of the wreckage is stunning. Who's worried about tweets on Twitter now?
( August 17th, 2021 @ 7:07 am )
Regarding servicing the planes in Afganistan, please notice that almost all other behaviors of the Biden Administration support the furthering of communist or leftist ideals. The people pulling Biden's strings are communists.
( August 16th, 2021 @ 4:22 pm )
The Biden regime is a joke. They have a Defense Department more worried that they are not "woke" enough than about military readiness. In Afghanistan, the Afghan Air Force was grounded during the Taliban assaults because the Biden morons had refused to let the foreign maintenance contractors in to service the planes and helicopters so many were not air worthy. Or here is the stupidest thing - the Embassy was all in a dither about celbrating "Pride Month" while the Taliban was taking over the country.

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