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By:  Hood Richardson

More and more Americans are experiencing feelings of the “twilight zone”.  I know that I am.  During the past two years, I have questioned both reality, and the feeling the rules have changed or perhaps I am dreaming.  The covid lock down, the theft of the Trump election, the opening of our borders, the printing of trillions of dollars by the Federal Reserve, the lies and corruption in all forms of government, and the free money that everyone has been given (some got more than others).

Now we are faced with the unbelievable situation in Afghanistan.  Surely no one is dumb enough or inexperienced enough or disloyal enough to leave Americans and our supporters behind enemy lines, leave all that equipment, refuse to punish those who are in charge and make no effort to correct the situation at all.  Do you know people who are that stupid?  I don’t....except in the White House.

Many Americans are in denial, searching to explain what happened and praying our leaders will return from the twilight zone and make corrections.  Why is the leadership in Washington, DC marching in lock step, all in one accord? Why have not honorable leaders in the military, the State Department, the Cabinet not resigned in protest?  With every move Trump made there was some idiot complaining or leaking to the press.  Why has none of this happened in the Biden Administration?  Because, Biden gave clear orders and he cannot fire anyone for following orders.  They may squeal on him.

This is an inside job, planned by the Communists who control Biden.  The purpose is very simple.  It is to discredit Trump.  These people are preparing for the 2022 elections.  The plan was to have a lot of chaos and dead Americans, all to be blamed  on Trump.  Biden’s behavior with the foot dragging, approval of military behavior, state department behavior and the useful idiots in the press can all be explained by the blood bath they set up in Afghanistan.

To make the sellout of Afghanistan work, Biden had to have the complete control of all the players and agencies (military, state department).  Orders had to have been given as to how this would work.  Of course all the players were kept separated, with each only knowing only his part. 

Without the fierce reporting by Fox News and a few others, the only thing the public would have known was that the deal Trump made caused a lot of people to be slaughtered in Afghanistan.  Please do not forget that a lot of secret orders had to be given and coordinated in order to make this work. The orders had to be secret, otherwise the public would have had  enough information to understand what was happening.  The intelligence agencies had to be talking to the Taliban.  For example, do you believe a decision was made overnight to  abandon all of our military bases in Afghanistan.  The only way we did that and got our military people out safely was with the cooperation of the Taliban.

Think deeper, Washington is essentially shut down.  We do not have the intense people activity and communication that we normally have.  This makes it easier to control secret activities.   Those who are involved in making the Afghanistan treason work are intensely loyal to someone or something.   They are intensely loyal to overthrowing the United States government and replacing it with a socialist/communist dictatorship.  The eight years of the Obama-Biden reign managed to get all  of the pieces of the puzzle in place.  Donald Trump was their down fall.  They never expected him to win the 2016 election.  That is why it became important to steal the 2020 election.

Joe Biden and his minions have committed treason.  Biden should resign.  They are in an extremely strong position to control the government.  Take out Biden and you have Kamala Harris.  Take out Biden and Harris and you have Pelosi.  By the way, Kamala Harris trip to Asia was not spur of the minute.  She needed to be in a safe place should the plot be discovered and exposed.  Should Biden were charged with treason, Kamala Harris needed to be available to step in, from afar.

But there is a less drastic way.  Biden should still resign but rather than Harris simply becoming President she should assume that position only if she agrees to form a coalition government…at least until the Afghanistan mess is fixed.  She would be required to appoint a new National Security Council comprised of approximately 24 members.  Twelve from the current council of her choice and twelve appointed by Republican Caucus in the Senate and House.  Fourteen votes would be required for this Executive Council to act.  The President (Harris) has the authority to appoint members of the National Security Council.  No constitutional changes would be needed, but she would be required to accept the decisions of the Executive Council unless she got three fifth’s vote from both houses of Congress to override the Council

The idea is that the current members who have made such a mess of things would have a Republican nominee appointed to balance this smaller Executive Security Council.  This group would make the military, foreign policy, intelligence and international monetary and trade policy decisions as a cabinet.  I think Donald Trump should be appointed to Chair the Council and Gens. David Petraeus, Michael Flynn, Norman Schwarzkopf as well as Tommy Franks (the commanders of the Iraq invasion) should be included in the mix.

What I have presented above may sound crazy.  Whether you believe it a good idea or not, we still have the same problem.  That is, how to stop the Biden Administration from doing some really bad things, like declaring martial law or locking down the country if they were to think they would lose the 2022 elections. Forget the Supreme Court or a majority of our sitting US House and Senate members saving us.  They have already showed us their true colors.  But that “fix” would come from the voters in 2022 and 2024.  In the meantime, the coalition “cabinet” would get us out of the mess we are now in.

There is only one long-term peaceful way:  Take majority control of either the House or Senate or both in the 2022 elections.  Citizens who are concerned about the future of our Nation need to become poll workers, party workers and donors to conservative candidates.

I advocate that we only vote to return 10 percent of our elected officials from dog catcher to the US Senate and House. The majority of all elected officials have been and are useless in combating Biden and his ilk.  That elected official who seems so neutral and has not really done anything to harm the Constitution is an enemy to our Constitution.   They swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  Not to have done so is a dereliction of duty.  Further, not re electing incumbent politicians sends a strong message to candidates and the public that we expect them to unflinchingly do their job. 

This is another twilight zone statement.  Those who pretend neutrality and harmlessness are probably sleepers.  They will be your Communist bosses when the Biden Communists take over.  The communists will pay a lot of people to keep us under control.  They will be people that we know.

If you do not believe any of what I have written, consider this.  Did you believe we would ever have a nation lock down?  Did you believe the government would send you money? Did you believe we could have a flagrantly stolen presidential election?  Did you believe the Taliban would have a face book account and Donald Trump would not?

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( September 3rd, 2021 @ 8:52 pm )
Our "twilight zone" is an Orwellian, Huxley, Rynd, 21st Century Global Reset nightmare. It's a nightmare of the worse kind, because it is real. In my opinion we should approach this like being in a Freddie Kruger movie: We've got to stay awake.

But, we are in no movie. This is a crazy but true world. We can't afford to waste our time in delusional fairy tales. The truths in this article can't be denied, so they must be dealt with.

At this point I'm voting entirely on protecting and defending the Constitution. Lip service and certainly less than that does not win my support. Period. Yes, things have reached a very basic place for us in this world where so much is at stake.
Jann said:
( September 2nd, 2021 @ 10:01 am )
Well it turns out the Joe Biden met with Ukrainian's President yesterday. Can anyone say "Hunter Biden and Burisma!"
( September 1st, 2021 @ 5:22 pm )
Lets look at another aspect of Biden's treachery. China will probably get some sensitive US military gear like night vision goggles to study and copy, and for bigger items like the Blackhawk helicopters, if they are not flown to China and possibly Russia for them to study, Chinese experts will be on the ground in Afghanistan doing so. Then there is Bagram air base, which may well end up leased to China. I wonder how much Hunter got paid for his "art" to arrange all this?
Jann said:
( September 1st, 2021 @ 4:44 pm )
This really didn't make sense to me either that we would leave 8 billion in military equipment.
Then I heard someone talk about Burisma Holdings and it started to make a little more sense.
We all know that have researched Burisma is a "BIG" part of Hunter Biden and let's not forget John Kerry's stepson Christopher Heinz.
Pops(Joe Biden) loves to make deals using his son, so they secretly made a deal using Burisma which is a Ukrainian Energy Firm. The Afghan Government refused to build a pipeline so they made a deal with the Taliban who were happy to comply. They promised them money along with all the military equipment!
Making a little more sense now..
Pops(Joe Biden) can't agree publicly to this since they closed down our pipeline so they had to use Burisma.
The Afghanistan Oil Pipeline was supposed to happen in the 1990's but was dismissed so they are sitting on a ton of stuff over there so why not go for it now. The Biden family is as dirty as it get!!!
Hunter's laptop should be a "BIG" eye opener to that. If you don't think Joe Biden is not selling out America yet again just like he did as Vice President than think again!!!!
Do I know for a fact about Burisma and the pipeline, no but when you look at the BIG picture and everything we know and have researched it makes perfect sense.

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