Ball, Ball, Whose Got the Ball? | Beaufort County Now | For months now, the CDC has been making the ridiculous statement that only three out of approximately 13,000 deaths, reported through its VAERS system were legitimately caused by the Covid shots.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    CDC Plays Get Keep Away with the Truth about Vaccine Deaths!

    For months now, the CDC has been making the ridiculous statement that only three out of approximately 13,000 deaths, reported through its VAERS system were legitimately caused by the Covid shots. Nevertheless, the CDC has refused to release any data that would prove that the deaths were actually investigated in a serious way. Further, if the VBAERS system is that far off base, why has the CDC continued to operate such a bogus database for 30 years? The truth is that it has done exactly the opposite. The CDC just put out an article bragging about its VAERS system in April of this year stating its great success story.

    In taking an in-depth look at the 13,000 deaths in this country and thousands of other adverse reactions, it has been noted that disclaimers had been placed on a large portion of those numbers. Reporters have been accused of misinterpreting the data and spreading misinformation. After reading the disclaimer and reviewing the arguments, it is not hard to conclude that the situation is actually worse than originally thought.

    According to the disclaimer, health providers, vaccine manufacturers, and the public can submit reports to the system. It is alleged that these reports are voluntary but that is not true. Healthcare providers are required by law to report adverse reactions and that is stated right on the government's own website.

    False claims that the system is largely based on self-reporting insinuates that the public is submitting fake reports of adverse reactions which throws the numbers lately off. Adverse reaction reporting has been going on for about 30 years. The penalties for making false reports are severe. So with fake reports were such a huge problem, we would've heard about it long before now and the data would have been removed from public view.

    The element of self-reporting from the public could mean the numbers might actually be worse than what is reported. Some members of the public do not know to report adverse reactions leaving an untold number of unreported.

    The disclaimer goes on to say that adverse reaction reports might be inaccurate or unverified and therefore cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness. Further, it says that the raw numbers are not suitable for scientific purposes.

    But then the disclaimer goes on to say that the numbers provide an early warning of a safety problem with a vaccine, and further studies can be done, to assess health risks and possible connections between adverse events and a vaccine. The disclaimer also says the public only gets to see the raw numbers and amended data are not available to the public.

    This keeps people in the dark when making a personal decision whether or not to get a vaccine. The public has no way of knowing about the supplemental studies, what they show and whether or not they are being done at all. To say that this does not inspire confidence is an understatement. So the CDC official who claims there have only been three deaths from the vaccine not 13,000 and that the vaccines are safe comes off sounding like pretty bad.

    If public health officials want us to believe that vaccines are safe, the burden is on them to show us that the data is correct and to putting out publicly so that the public can count on its accuracy.

    It would be great to hear them break their silence and address the question of adverse reactions. If 13,000 deaths actually occurred not three as claimed, that is a big difference and it needs to be explained. In order to inspire confidence, release the amended data. It is doubtful that they will because either there was no follow-up studies or the studies show that the raw numbers are basically correct. Either way, the CDC image will be worse than it is already.

    If they are going to leave the raw data out there for 30 years, they have only themselves to blame when people get alarmed by the impression created that these vaccines are killing people by the thousands. Until public health officials make their case, it seems that warning people about the 13,000 deaths and thousands of other adverse reactions these vaccines have apparently caused, that is frightening at best and criminal at worst. You can call this misinformation if you want but it is clear that the real problem with the situation lies with the CDC.

    Some portions of this article was extrapolated from an paper written by Christopher Wright, an independent activist and leader of the Potomac Tea Party in Virginia.

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