Demands That Our Military Accept the Vaccine May Become a National Security Concern! | Beaufort County Now | There have been a number of questions about the Biden administration policy concerning the military. Now, it appears that the forced injections may become a bigger problem than what we first thought.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    Demands That Our Military Accept the Vaccine May Become a National Security Concern!

    We recently wrote an article asking about the justification for the demand to vaccinate everyone. Now, some additional information is coming forward which may shed some light on the reasoning and what this might mean to our National Security.

    There have been a number of questions about the Biden administration policy concerning the military. Now, it appears that the forced injections may become a bigger problem than what we first thought.

    Recently, the Biden administration has been attempting to redefine the meaning of the word "Immunity" in order to force the military to take the injection, regardless of whether or not they have already recovered from the Coronavirus.

    The Navy has recently given its sailors 90 days to get the shot with the Army and Air Force scheduled to announce their timetable shortly.

    The initial reaction has been that two active-duty soldiers, one from Fort Benning Ga and the other from Marine Corps Base Jacksonville Florida have filed a federal lawsuit against Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Homeland Security Director Xavier Bacerra and FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock. The plaintiffs have asked a court for a temporary restraining order to prevent the forced injections before a full hearing can be scheduled. Ultimately, they are seeking a permanent injunction and declaratory judgment against the Defense Department.

    It has been said that these two plaintiffs represent the interest of approximately 220,000 other US active-duty military who have natural immunity and do not want any of the three synthetic vaccines injected into their bodies.

    The lawsuits allege, rightfully so, that the technology that has been used to create the vaccines is brand-new and has never been tested as to its long-term effects and its efficacy. Further, the three vaccines currently in use have a combined 13,000 reported deaths, otherwise known as adverse reactions. These have been reported to the VAERS system which stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. They reported deaths are more than double the number of other vaccines combined since VARES was established over 20 years ago.

    The lawsuit claims that regulation 40 - 562 governs all medical treatments of this type regarding the prevention of infectious disease. This regulation states that documented survivors of an infectious disease have a presumptive exemption from vaccine due to natural immunity acquired as a result of having survived the infection. Nevertheless, the military, in its statement to the services was that those personnel with previous Covid-19 infection are not considered vaccinated strictly because they have natural immunity, a completely new standard. This definition wipes away the DoD regulation. The DoD regulation itself contains no such term nor concept.

    The fear that arises out of this lawsuit is that this may be the last chance for enlisted personnel and officers to obtain relief from the seemingly arbitrary dictates of the DoD. If the lawsuit fails, it is feared that the Defense Department could try to increase the pressure by dishonorably discharging those who reject the shot. So far, the Pentagon has stopped short of such threats. In order to counteract this possible scenario, some members of the Congress are getting behind legislation prohibiting dishonorable discharge. The legislation under consideration requires that honorable discharges be provided to anyone that separates over rejection of the injection. However, it is unclear whether the mandate will force enough military to leave the service and impair our national defense. The action of Congress is not as punitive as the original wording, but it still does not protect against separation, thus, maintain the difficult choice of being vaccinated to remain in the military or be forced to resign.

    Is it possible that Pres. Biden is forcing this issue in order to reduce our national readiness level?

    The military is already dealing with concerns over statements by Chairman of the of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Miley, and his testimony before Congress wherein he was commenting favorably on the woke military. Then lest we not forget, Gen. Miley may have subverted the chain of command during the Trump Administration with the calls to his Chinese counterpart.

    So, I ask again, considering all of the actions taken so far, by Pres. Biden and his supporters in the military, are we facing a calculated effort to draw down our military defense personnel? No one knows, but given the actions to date, by the Biden Administration, nothing should be taken off the table.

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