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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


We are subjected to false news nearly every time we turn on the TV or radio and there is a report from the talking heads that are simply reading what the CDC has sent them.  Millions of Americans believe the hype and think there is and has been a terrible pandemic in the last two years.  That is not true.  The proof can be seen in this fact:  What the CDC and lazy Elite Media do not tell you when they announce how many deaths there have been is how many there would have been even if Covid never existed.  Think about it.  We all know death in inevitable.  We all know many people who tested positive for C-9 also have other health problems.  But these cases are never separated from the data reported. So we’ll never know how many died from C-19.  So ask yourself:  How did this come to be?

Ted Noel, writing at reports:

About two years before MSM (Main Stream Memory), the Centers for Disease Control still remembered that it had a mission to help Americans avoid bad diseases. Then it became apparent to the CDC, select members within the CDC, and its incestuous partners in Big Pharma that their unlawful patents related to a certain virus might become worth a king’s ransom. Who could resist such filthy lucre with so many zeroes at the end? Certainly no GS-scale government bureaucrat! Plus, this corrupt graft would guarantee a huge paycheck when employed as a Big Pharma advisor.

Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes and soiled work boots, please watch David Martin PhD and Reiner Fuellmich detail the story of how Anthony Fauci and his cohorts were neck deep in the COVID gain-of-function and patent process for at least the last twenty-two years. Among the patents are some that, if they are for a naturally occurring virus, are illegal according to the Supreme Court.

If they are for an engineered virus, they are contrary to the Biological Weapons Convention, which became effective in 1975. In short, those patents are unlawful. Parties to this corrupt process include Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Dr Shi Zhengli (the Wuhan Bat Lady), and – drum roll, please – none other than Bill Gates. I know, that sounds very much like tinfoil hat stuff, but Dr. Martin has all the documents and has made them easy for us to see.

The CDC used to define a “case” of a disease the same way doctors did. It was signs, symptoms, and physical examination of a patient that match the pattern of the disease. Laboratory testing was added if necessary. But with such a strong profit incentive, it is not hard to imagine why the CDC’s tried and true definition got thrown into the dust bin.

Shortly after the “pandemic” got started, a “positive” RT-PCR test after your drive-through tonsillectomy suddenly became a “case.” A few other hidden factors enhanced the fraud.

It has now been extensively documented that all standards related to RT-PCR were thrown out the window. First, the inventor of the test clearly stated that RT-PCR was never intended to be a diagnostic test and using it as one was scientifically illegitimate. Second, proper use of the test requires that three genetic elements, widely separated in the genome, be checked. For the CDC and for CARES Act payments, only two segments get tested. This automatically increases the number of positive tests – by a lot. But the best is yet to come.

This means that around ninety-four percent of all “positives” are “false positives,” or in plain English “laboratory error.”

RT-PCR takes your sample and doubles the amount of genetic material to make it easier to identify. Then it doubles it again. And again. And so on. In laboratory research, twenty-five “amplification cycles” is the limit. If it’s not positive by then, it’s not positive. But that wasn’t good enough for CDC and the medical industry. No Sirree Bob!

Those numbers would show that COVID-19 wasn’t any worse than flu, if it was that bad. Waaay too much money would be left on the table. So labs routinely ran more cycles to get higher positivity rates. Thirty-five cycles or more became the standard. Few went to forty, because at that level, a glass of water may test positive.

This means that around ninety-four percent of all “positives” are “false positives,” or in plain English “laboratory error.” And we should remember, that every “positive” meant thousands extra for hospitals, with a big bonus if the patient’s shadow was seen in an ICU. But this is just the beginning of the story.

Using original CDC definition of a case, if you came down with a cold (possibly another coronavirus), you probably didn’t have any idea where you got it. The reason is simple. Just like COVID-19, the common cold is spread by aerosols. It first infects the cells inside your upper airways. The virus can multiply in those cells, and will spread in all directions.

It should be manifestly clear that the CDC definition of a “COVID case” is a political construct designed to funnel taxpayer money to favored individuals and institutions.

Some goes back out your nose, while other viruses find their way into the bloodstream, where they encounter antibodies and T-cells which are key soldiers in your fight to heal. It’s also possible that you got infected, but didn’t get sick enough to notice. In that case, you still shed the virus, and can pass it on to someone else.

With COVID-19, we find a particularly bad problem. No vaccine can prevent infection. That’s because you have to be infected before your T-cells and antibodies can get into action. And in COVID-19, the problem is quite a bit worse than that. If you’re vaccinated, COVID aerosols still enter your lungs, where the virus attaches to pneumocytes in your air sacs (alveoli).

It multiplies inside those cells, and they shed a lot of virus back into the alveoli, where you can now share it with the next person. Your aerosol viral load will be just as high as someone who is sick.  Voila! Asymptomatic transmission! You will also be a “COVID case” at your next drive-through impalement. But you aren’t sick, and don’t get sick. You don’t have a clinical “case” of COVID, but you’ll get counted as one for the next Panic Porn Live at 6:30!

If you are immune by whatever means, some of that virus will still find its way across the alveolar basement membrane into your bloodstream. That’s where your T-cells and antibodies will mop up the virus and keep you from getting sick. But you are a “case!” And, by the way, your house cat may be as well. Big cats in the National Zoo have been treated for the Wuhan Flu.

It should be manifestly clear that the CDC definition of a “COVID case” is a political construct designed to funnel taxpayer money to favored individuals and institutions. It has nothing to do with the progress of the disease in society. But for those of us who love science, it demonstrates one more thing. There is nothing we can do to slow down COVID-19. It spread through society because it was in the wild.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread the virus equally with full force. And even if every person gets vaccinated, we still won’t have perfect protection because the virus mutates, leaving older vaccine induced immunity less effective. And yes, your pet Siamese is likely to spread it even if you aren’t. You don’t have to go to the Bat Cave to get infected.

There is no pandemic. There never was. In the early days we had a disease that we didn’t know how to treat. This created a real, rational fear that the new Black Death had arrived. The financial powers we did not see seized on this to push the “pandemic” button. But by May of last year, we already knew that HCQ was probably effective in early cases.

Early treatment would destroy megadollar profits, and that could not be allowed. So a publicity campaign went into high gear, assisted by “Orange Man Bad.” Donald Trump could not be allowed to have any triumphs whatever, and COVID became a cudgel to beat him with. Allowing Anthony Fauci to give him really bad advice went right along with the program. Trump’s flair for publicity got turned against him in news conferences where he trumpeted his successes, but all anyone really heard was panic porn.

The number of real cases of COVID-19 is likely about the same as seasonal flu, with severe illnesses and deaths similar as well. We have very effective treatments, and excellent prophylactic therapy even without vaccines. We have no need for masks, social distancing, vaccine passports, lockdowns and the like, because they can’t help. But getting rid of the subsidies and power for petty tyrants will be difficult. Sweden has shown that they aren’t needed. Denmark is starting to see the light. And the fight for freedom is spreading from Florida to other states. Stay tuned.


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Jann said:
( October 5th, 2021 @ 9:04 am )
Great article! Much of India has ended the Pandemic using Ivermectin. Now our Government is claiming this to is bad. It blows my mind why people wouldn't question more as to why our Government would hold helpful medicine from the American people. This to me is a "BIG" red flag. The maker of Ivermectin won a noble prize for his findings. Hydroquinone and Ivermectin are clearly helpful to people and you don't see people having such bad reaction or dieing like you do from these vaccines. Research for yourself and turn away from the stupid box!(TV)
There is a reason behind their madness!!! The Great Reset will be here before we know it if we don't all stand up against this evil.

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