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RINOs in NC are colluding with Roy Cooper to bring Europe's energy fiasco to North Carolina, setting the exact same standard - 50% carbon reduction by 2030, and they push the same result on our people, massive electricity price increases.  This is the Green New Deal and what it does to real people.

Beginning Friday, Italian residential and commercial power users will start paying 29.8% more for electricity.  The rate increase would have been 45% except that the government kicked in 3 billion euros to subsidize part of it.  This is a result of the EU's legislation passed earlier this year to require EU countries to have a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.  That is the exact same target NC Senate RINOs are pushing in a revised bill that they will put up this week.


CORRECTION: the Cooper / RINO bill will straightjacket NC into 70% wind / solar in 2030, considerably more than the 50% that is already causing such havoc in Europe.

And these price increases will be continuing.  This is a boil the frog process, heating it up slowly.  30% may not seem to be slow but when one considers how far they will ultimately go, it is.

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( October 5th, 2021 @ 8:40 pm )
Biden wants to out-radical the EU on energy, and NC's Berger is even worse. When this green energy boondoggle is already failing miserably in Europe, why would any sane person want to go down that path in the US? Here is a good article on the subject:
( October 4th, 2021 @ 9:29 pm )
Is China funding some of these western politicians including "Republican" leaders in NC? They are falling all over themselves to do Red China's bidding. While the ChiComs are building hundreds of new coal fired power plants to generate cheap and reliable power for themselves, they are also spending billions to universities and others in the US and Europe, much of it promoting the "climate change" agenda. They want us to decommission our cheap and reliable power sources and replace them with expensive and undependable intermittent power from wind and solar. And guess where a large portion of the raw materials, components, and complete systems for wind and solar come from? Red China, of course! This is all about giving them even more commercial advantage over the western countries. Our politicians are either idiots, fools, or traitors to fall for this crap.
( October 4th, 2021 @ 7:05 pm )
HB951 is a good example of the swamp we have in Raleigh that is as bad as DC. When I started looking into that bill, I was appalled by the corruption, insider dealing, and power plays, and the GOP leadership in both houses is in the thick of it. They are playing politics and really don't care how much this will hurt ordinary citizens and North Carolina businesses.

HB951 started out as a simple one page bill promoting modular nuclear reactors for generating electricity. This is a rather new but established and proven technology that is as reliable as major nuclear power plants but considerably more cost effective and flexible. It was a good bill promoting a good technology.

While this bill languished in committee, an insider cabal of Duke Energy operatives and lobbyists for wind and solar special interests were working on their own electricity plan in the back room. They called themselves "the stakeholders" but left out many of those impacted by changes in electricity supply, namely the consumers, both residential and commercial, who buy electricity. Duke Energy is totally "woke" and into the whole leftwing world view. The wind and solar special interest lobbyists were out to line the pockets of their clients. Meeting in secret in smoke filled backrooms, this cabal put together a 40+ page legislative proposal.

Instead of presenting their proposal as its own bill in the normal course of legislative business, where it could go through the usual process including hearings and other aspects of transparency, these self-appointed "stakeholders" arranged with powerful legislators to jam their product onto the existing HB951, and even downplayed its original purpose, the modular nuclear reactors, which the lefties at Duke Energy never really wanted in the first place.

That bill was fast tracked as a "committee substitute" with little opportunity for transparency or comment and sent to the House floor for a vote. The Speaker buttonholed conservative legislators, pushing for their votes (legislators think twice about crossing a Speaker who has the power to derail their own legislation), and telling them the bill would not go anywhere in the Senate, anyway. This was backed up by senators saying they had problems with the bill. Too many conservatives fell for this dog and pony show.

The Senate held a hearing on the House committee substitute and representatives of electric consumers, both residential and commercial came out in force against it. The Senate then came out with their own last minute committee substitute, failed to put it online in a timely manner, and called a quick meeting, with no public hearing to push this bill on toward a floor vote. Those committee meetings will be held tomorrow.

These Raleigh RINOs know that if they used the regular legislative process, the party base would be up in arms, so they try to blindside their own party members with all of this sleight of hand, lack of transparency, and short notice. The Senate "committee substitute" is likely a product of that secret "stakeholder" cabal, too, and the whole scheme an effort to enact very leftwing legislation before the GOP rank and file knew what was going on. This could not have been done without approval of the House and Senate leadership and their involvement in this scam is downright disgraceful.

It is high time for a fruitbasket turnover of the GOP leadership in both House and Senate. The corruption shown by this bill should not be allowed to continue.
( October 4th, 2021 @ 1:31 pm )
AOC's Chief of Staff admitted that the Green New Deal is about building socialism, not about the environment. We will see how many undercover socialists we have in the GOP legislative caucus when they vote on whether to build socialism through HB951. Europe is already getting hit hard by bowing to Greta Thunberg's socialism there, and the hits to citizens have just started. Conservatives may have a lot of work to do in the primaries in NC, but lets keep our fingers crossed that most of the Republican legislators wise up on this disaster before it is too late.

Since Duke Power has shown itself to be thoroughgoing leftists, one good solution is to allow competition in electric providers in NC.
( October 4th, 2021 @ 10:38 am )
Thanks to politicians surrendering to the climate alarmists, this huge electric rate increase is just the beginning for Italians. They will be coming regularly between now and 2030 for them and other Europeans. The Prime Minister of Poland hit the nail on the head when he declared that this was all the result of "the expensive climate policies of the EU". Poland projects its own electric consumers will be hit with a 40% rate increase early next year thanks to the 50% carbon reduction mandate passed by the EU. One of Poland's largest industries is responding by buying modular nuclear reactors to make their own electricity and disconnect from the national grid. Not everyone can afford to do that. And yes, some traitorous fake Republicans are trying to impose the very same rate hikes on North Carolina through the very same mechanism. Their demand is even worse than the EU's. The Berger - Cooper sellout wants a 70% reduction by 2030. Hold on to your wallets. Europe is just seeing the first phases of this rape of the ratepayer. North Carolina will see this start hitting us in phases soon enough.

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