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By: Hood Richardson

Dealing with present day reality strikes fear, depression, or the yearning for escape in the hearts of the majority of our citizens in the United States.  The fear comes from the Democrat-Communists and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) sympathizers forcing drastic changes in our Constitutional form of government.  Emotional depression is real and is rooted in our feelings of helplessness to stop the socialistic avalanche that is dragging all of us with it.  The yearning to escape is rooted in the fact that most of us want our government back.  We want a court system that will follow the law, not political correctness.  We want elected officials who truly understand the Constitution and who really meant it when they swore to protect and defend it.  We want a President who is honest and cannot be corrupted by either his family or foreign governments.

Reality tells us we have a President who is incompetent, and who has been bribed by several foreign governments. He is providing aid and comfort to our enemies, and he is using the US Treasury to provide income to select citizens.  He follows the Constitution only when it benefits his cronies.  All he does is to destroy our Constitutional form of government.  That is what he has done under the disguise of fighting Covid.  That “fight” has turned out to be nothing but a way to expand government control over our people that our Founders would never have dreamed of.  All of this is treason.

Reality tells us we have a Supreme Court that has passed up many opportunities to examine fundamental constitutional issues.  Free and fair elections, sealing the borders, use of the treasury for defense of the United States rather than to fund the cost of living for political factions.  These are issues that the court refuses to rule on.  And protecting unborn life.  This is dereliction of duty.

Our elected officials in the House and Senate  fall into three categories, activist socialist or communist,  sympathizers, or are simply too incompetent and stupid to understand what is going on.

All of these people have two things in common.  First, they have the best job they have ever had in their entire life.  Second they are desperate to keep this job.  The only one of the three branches of government that has a job guarantee is the Supreme Court.  They have this job guarantee so they can act independently and honestly without fear of reprisal.  The founding fathers assumed these people would be as dedicated to the Constitution as they were.  They never expected members of the court to use the job guarantee as a license to serve their personal political agenda.  Talk about unintended consequences.  The Court did not become corrupt until the 1960’s.  We had 150 years of honesty on the Supreme Court.

Because we are a democratic-republic, we, the voters have control of two of the three branches of government.  We elect the President and the House and Senate.

There is an election of all 435 House of Representative members and  one third  of the Senate coming up in November of 2022.  We, the people, have an opportunity to have a bloodless revolution at that time.  The beginning of the 2022 elections are much closer than one year away.  Those who desire to run for the House and Senate or any other office must register to run during the month of December of 2021.  That is only about six weeks away.

I advocate re electing only ten percent of the incumbents.  The reason is that ninety percent have not done their job.  They have failed us miserably.  It doesn’t matter which party the incumbent belongs to.  We need to send 90 percent of both the Republicans and the Democrats packing.  It is they who have allowed the present state of things to exist.  Change out the elected officials and you change the government. 

Some voters may want to keep more than ten percent.  They will argue about innocence or the qualifications of incumbents.  The qualifications of those in office, except for the ten percent that we keep, do not matter one whit.  They have failed us for the reasons stated above.  We cannot do any worse.  Changing these Bozos out will send a strong message to future candidates and both political parties.  Do not try to justify keeping more than ten percent of the incumbents.  Be brutal.  Send the message that if you do not do your job, you will not be re elected.

For those of you who have political aspirations, the 2022 elections are a grand opportunity. Most voters will be voting for a change.  This provides great opportunity for new candidates.  If you do not run for office you should certainly get involved.  Start by joining a like-minded group and education yourself by meeting with people who share your values.  Together we can correct this nonsense in 2022 and 2024.

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( October 8th, 2021 @ 8:14 pm )
We're living in strange times. Dangerous too. In my day to day interactions I'm observing interesting phenomena. It's encouraging that more people are waking up, but it's also discouraging that so many people continue to exist in La La Land. I agree with the sentiments expressed here: 1. Stop voting for the same people that got us in our present situation; 2. Phonies have to go (regardless of party); 3. Demand and work for honest elections.

On a side note, get that new Van Morrison album (Latest Record Project, Volume 1). In this world saturated with lying media fueling the delusional masses into total insanity, it's a relevant breath of fresh air. Van is still the man.
( October 8th, 2021 @ 12:01 pm )
The RINO faction is the scourge upon the Republican party to the extent that those Nominal Republicans and their Nominal Republican enablers actually honestly believe they matter.

They do not matter. They are just as stain upon the GOP.

We real Republicans tolerate their existence ... But for how much longer can we afford to do so?
( October 5th, 2021 @ 8:16 am )
We need to get the right people in the primaries. Pat McCrory is totally unacceptable as a Senate nominee. If it is McCrory and a Democrat in the general, then there is no one worth voting for. I held my nose for Tillis twice, and after all the really awful things he has done lately, I will never hold my nose for a Tillis again. What GOP legislators may be about to do to us on the Green New Deal is another red line. If they do, then those voting for it will be a class of politicians that I will also never vote for again. The lesser of the evils is still evil. We have been burned playing that game, and we need to just stop doing it.
( October 4th, 2021 @ 7:28 pm )
2020 must be fixed before we move forward. Expecting to win in 2022-2024 without serious Election Reform is like peeing on an electric fence thinking you won't get shocked.

Until this election is fixed, you're talking out of your ass in a foreign language.

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