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By:  Hood Richardson

The founding fathers’ passionate intentions for justice for all of our citizens is clearly reflected in the Bill of Rights.  Justice was so important to the founding fathers that they debated the contents of the Bill of Rights long after the Constitution was settled.  Some states, including North Carolina, refused to ratify the Constitution until every “t” had been crossed and “i” dotted in the Bill of Rights.

Justice was extremely important to those who had been without it.  The rule of the English King through his whimsical agents handed down the law as they pleased without an impartial system of appeal. This galled everyone, even those who saw the King’s men from afar. The feeling of justice and fair play is extremely personal.  This feeling escapes no person.

One of our Beaufort County citizens, came before the Police Committee during the August meeting to complain about his inability to get justice for a relative of his who has been severely abused sexually.  He told us he had petitioned the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney and the SBI.  The SBI seemed to acknowledge that Mr. Bruce Gray had a legitimate complaint, but no investigation was conducted.  There was an investigation by Social Services.  That went nowhere.

The purpose of the Police Committee is to determine whether or not a county police force, independent of the election and political appointment of peace officers, would provide better, swifter, and more unbiassed justice to Beaufort County.  Mr. Gray’s complaint would certainly get more attention than an elected Sheriff making an off the cuff decision based on who he knows or who may or may not vote for him.

We have no record of Mr. Gray’s comments. Beaufort County management staff announced the audio of the entire August Police Committee meeting was not recorded.  This was done immediately after the meeting adjourned.  Failure of recording devices is something that is usually discovered on replay of the meeting.  Therefore, I believe the audio was deliberately not recorded or if recorded was erased.

Commissioner Stan Deatherage made the Bruce Gray complaint an agenda item at the October Commissioners’ meeting.  He invited Mr. Gray to present his story again (hoping the recording equipment would work properly).  Mr.  Gray came and made the same presentation he made at the Police committee meeting.  His plea was for an investigation into the matter.  A motion was made for the Commissioners to request that an investigation be made by the SBI.  In order for that to happen the request would be sent to the Attorney General by the Board of Commissioners.  Chief Deputy Charlie Rose represented the sheriff. Sheriff Coleman refuses to appear in front of the Commissioners.  Rose indicated that an outside investigation was needed.  However, he indicated that the Sheriff’s Department had no knowledge of the Bruce Gray complaint.

After the motion was made to send the request to the State Attorney General, I saw four Commissioners suddenly decide they were the investigator, the judge and the jury.  They made comments to the effect: “We have not seen enough evidence to make a decision” and “How do we know you are telling the truth” and “We cannot recommend anything based on what we now know” and “Name some of the people”.   They then voted four to three not to have the Bruce Gray complaint investigated.  The only issue before the Board was whether or not to ask that the incident be investigated. ”  The gang of four took it upon themselves to become judge and jury.  Commissioners Frankie Waters, Jerry Langley, Ed Booth and John Rebholz voted no.  Randy Walker, Stan Deatherage and Hood Richardson voted for an investigation.

These self-righteous liberals had nothing to lose in voting for an investigation.  If Mr. Gray was not telling the truth an investigation should reveal that and then everyone would know, if there was not enough evidence, everyone would know, if he had a legitimate complaint everyone would know.  With nothing to lose, why did they vote against justice?  But to those who observer this board the real reason for them to oppose was who was supporting the issue.  Happens all the time.

Frankie Waters is an dogmatic supporter of Sheriff Coleman.  He tried to arrange an illegal meeting between Coleman and the School Superintendent during the time Coleman was firing the  school deputies.  The School Superintendent refused to attend.  John Rebholz supports Frankie Waters because he has not lived in Beaufort County or North Carolina long enough to know how to vote.  Ed Booth and Jerry Langley have backgrounds in law enforcement.  They should know that protecting bad police work puts a stain on everybody.

The public should note that this is the gang of four who passed our fat budget, and voted for the wasting of millions of dollars by Sheriff Coleman.  Two of this group are Democrats and two are RINO Republicans.  Did the Democrats become Republicans or have the Republicans become Democrats?

The Police Committee, composed of Republicans, Richardson, Walker and Deatherage has received considerable complaints from Republicans and very little criticism from Democrats.  Several, among the leadership of the Republican Party, have appeared before our committee expressing strong support to keep a politically elected sheriff with politically appointed deputies.  A county police force would be staffed with career law enforcement officers and non political leadership.   I have always observed raw politics to be a corrupting force.

A false argument is being floated by some Republican Party leaders and elected officials.  Representative Kidwell believes that Sheriffs possess unusual constitutional powers.  That is to quote Kidwell “Sheriffs can tell the Federal Government what to do”.  I have requested written documentation and Kidwell cannot produce it.

The struggle for power continues in local government.  Voters should ask themselves, why the Bruce Gray situation has not been investigated and why the drug business continues to be so dominant in Beaufort County.  The answer is politically elected versus professional law enforcement.

At this writing we do not know the status of a request for an investigation other than that Mr. Gray has offered to meet with law enforcement at the same time as others who have information about the case.  Of course, what we do know is that four commissioners are not interested in insuring that every citizen receive “equal justice under law.”  What we can speculate is that Mr. Gray’s politics are not correct.  Politics is what determines who gets justice in Beaufort County.


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Uncle Jeb said:
( October 28th, 2021 @ 11:07 am )
Mr. Kidwell
Seems like you missed Mr. Richardson's point. The point is accountability. Once the election is over the Sheriff has no accountability for four years. Our current Sheriff and former sheriffs does very little to keep the public informed about what goes on. There's a current law suit against the SO that I doubt very many people in BoCo know about. Abuse of authority is the issue. Are you aware of that? What about Cory Anderson? More abuse of authority. A police chief is accountable to the Manager and Commissioners. Clearly our current sheriff feels no accountability to the Commissioners for how the money is spent.
You claim he can stop state and Federal overreach. Give us some specific examples of our sheriff actually doing what you claim he can do. We The People deserve to know.
( October 28th, 2021 @ 10:28 am )
County Sheriff Department versus County Police Department: I don't know. I'll keep an open mind.

I'm wondering about the Bruce Gray situation. Was Mr. Gray's complaint investigated? If so, by who and to what end? If not, why not?
( October 27th, 2021 @ 10:22 pm )
Commissioner Richardson, you made no such request. You asked where I got my information. I told you during our phone conservation on September 23, 2021, at 8:30 am that if you want to read about the powers of the Constitutionally elected Sheriff you should read the book by Sheriff Richard Mack called " County Sheriff Americas Last Hope." Since you evidently have not read it, I have ordered a copy and had it mailed to your home. It is scheduled to arrive between November 4 to 12. Please review it and pass it along to other members of the Beaufort County Commission. I'm sure you will find it quite interesting. This book outlines how the Constitutionally elected sheriff has powers to stop Federal and State overreach. It gives many examples where it has been done throughout the United States. A police department has no such powers and would jeopardize the constitutional rights of our citizens. Evidenced by the recent orders that most sheriffs in North Carolina told the federal and state governments that they would not enforce things like closing churches and forcing people to comply with unconstitutional mandates.
( October 23rd, 2021 @ 7:56 am )
Thank you Mr Richardson all I want is the truth and justice and I believe it would help many children who are involved in this criminal orgainization. Children need our help.
Uncle Jeb said:
( October 18th, 2021 @ 8:55 pm )
This situation Hood describes is exactly why so many citizens in this country have lost faith in our government. The politicians like the Gang of Four do not play by the rules or Rule of Law. It is this elitism that led to January 6 and will result in more and more defiance of government unless the voters make a substantial change in 2022 and 2024. And I don't blame them. If either of those elections is stolen like the 2020 elections were we are liable to see an outbreak of violence that could result in civil war. The overwhelming majority of people in this country are just fed up with the Elites in Washington, Raleigh and here in Beaufort County. This situation in Beaufort County with Mr. Gray is exactly like the one in Virginia of the father who was arrested at a school board meeting when he complained about his daughter being raped by a transsexual at school.
I hope a large crowd turns out for the school board meetings and forces them to stop this CRT crap. If they don't, someone should run against each one who is up for re-election to the school board and any of the Gang of Four.
I urge every voter to take some time and sit in a Beaufort County courtroom for a few hours, District or Superior. You don't have to be a legal scholar to learn that the Rule of Law is dead in Beaufort County. It is all who you know, which lawyer you have and how much money you have. There is no justice here.
Keep your powder dry folks. It's going to get worse before it get better.
God bless this country.
( October 18th, 2021 @ 1:30 pm )
Perfect analyzation of a real problem in Beaufort County, and in many other regions ruled by Democratic Socialists: A predilection toward an unequal application of our laws.

Thank-you Hood.

Who is actually running the country? Hood: I'd Rather Be Right, Editorials, Beaufort Observer, Op-Ed & Politics 16K COVID-19 positive invaders released into U.S.


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