Viral Fauci Doc Shot Shows Dr. Working Alongside Portrait Of Himself In Home Office | Beaufort County Now | A viral shot of Dr. Anthony Fauci in a nearly two-hour-long National Geographic documentary hosted on Disney+ shows the doctor working in his home office alongside a large portrait of himself.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
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    A viral shot of Dr. Anthony Fauci in a nearly two-hour-long National Geographic documentary hosted on Disney+ shows the doctor working in his home office alongside a large portrait of himself.

    Also notable in the documentary, Fauci says people who view him as a "bad guy" only do so because he "represents" the "truth," something his critics are "uncomfortable" with.

    The documentary, appropriately titled "Fauci," is framed as a look into Fauci's life, who's held public office during a host of pandemics.

    "'Fauci' examines the life of Dr. Fauci, public servant and physician, whose career spans seven presidents, and every pandemic from AIDS to COVID-19," the description of the documentary reads on Disney+.

    "I just finished the Fauci documentary on Disney+ so you don't have to," one Twitter user posted to the social media site, captioning the still of Fauci working in his home office. "Here is what was, for me, the defining image: Fauci at work in his home office, beneath a larger-than-lifesize oil painting portrait of himself."

    The post has gone viral, racking up thousands of likes.

    At the start of the pandemic, Fauci became a household name and a beloved media figure. Last summer, he was featured in a spread for InStyle magazine.

    "Wearing shades and sitting poolside, the famed 'Good Doctor' drops the modesty and boasts about how 'effective' he is during the lengthy interview, which he shared with his wife Dr. Christine Grady," The Daily Wire reported at the time:

    Fauci not only landed a lengthy interview and a shoot but was the magazine's special digital cover.

    "A special digital cover: Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife, bioethicist Dr. Christine Grady spoke to [Norah O'Donnell] about the battle against COVID-19, Fauci's contentious relationship with the White House and how he's staying sane (pro-tip: he power walks)," the magazine teased.

    Moreover, opening up the documentary, Fauci complains about apparently being vilified by "an entire subset of people." The infectious disease expert has been instrumental in promoting lockdown and social distancing policies that have crippled the economy, killed small businesses, and helped spike other social problems, such as drug overdose deaths.

    "I'm the bad guy to an entire subset of people because I represent something that is uncomfortable for them," Fauci said in the doc. "It's called the truth."

    In another shot, Fauci goes after "these f***ing dark web people," who he says are harassing his wife Dr. Christine Grady and his daughters.

    "These f***ing dark web people are really, really getting bad," Fauci says on the phone call with Peter Staley. "They're really, really harassing Chris. One of them called up with violent threats like eight times today on her cell phone until she figured, I've just got to change my cell phone."

    "You know, they're harassing my daughters, constantly, which really bothers me more than anything else," Fauci continues. The doctor added that his Secret Service detail tells him these people are "mostly just a bunch of "fricking cowards." Staley adds that they want Fauci to "back down," which the doctor agrees with.

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