Kamala Harris NASA Video Features Child Actors Who Auditioned For Gig, Parent Says | Beaufort County Now | A father of a child actor who was featured in a NASA video with Vice President Kamala Harris says his son and four other actor children auditioned for their roles in the first video of the YouTube Originals space series.

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    A father of a child actor who was featured in a NASA video with Vice President Kamala Harris says his son and four other actor children auditioned for their roles in the first video of the YouTube Originals space series.

    Carlo Bernardino, whose 13-year-old son Trevor was featured in the video, told the Washington Examiner that "all five" of the kids in the video with Harris "are actors."

    "He's a child actor - he's been trying to do this type of thing for a while," Bernardino said of his son. "And so he has a manager and an agent in LA and they send him castings."

    "This was a casting call, a very specific one where he had to write essentially a monologue about what he's really passionate about and he wrote a monologue about the environment," the father explained. "The producer of the series came back to him and asked him to write three questions that he'd ask a very important person ... after that, he had a live Zoom interview with the producer of the series and then he got the part."

    According to Mr. Bernardino, his son was unaware the project had any connection to the VP "until the day flying out, essentially," he said, adding, "The producers wanted a big surprise."

    "Me, my mom, dad, we were speculating who could be this important that we meet them in D.C. and we get to go on cool trip and film," Trevor said in an interview with KSBW8 News.

    "The most exciting part was definitely meeting Vice President Harris," the young teen said. "There's nothing that can top that. Like, honestly. She just sat us down. She is super charismatic. She's everything that I ever thought of her, plus more. She made me feel like one of her peers, and at the time I felt super important. I was talking to her face to face."

    The video was pitched to the family "as a pilot" to a series, the father noted. "Our hope is that it gets picked up."

    The views for the video thus far have been rather low. Though it was posted five days ago, the video has only attracted around 169,000 views by Tuesday morning. And that number seems to have been bumped following the Monday revelation that the video apparently features child actors. The Examiner on Monday detailed the dismal response:

    The video, which by Monday had garnered some 114,000 views on YouTube, as well as 1,900 likes and 2,800 dislikes, was shared online by the vice president's aides and supporters. A trailer for the show drew 48 likes and 136 dislikes. Comments on both videos have been disabled.

    Fox News' Tucker Carlson, joined by Daily Wire host Candace Owens, discussed the video Monday, deeming Harris "phony."

    "She leaves you pining for the authentic maternal warmth of Hillary Clinton," Carlson said, according to the Daily Caller. "I mean, it's that bad," adding that Harris is "daring you to watch her without vomiting. I mean, she's literally that phony."

    Owens said Harris "genuinely resents being subordinate to [President Joe] Biden" and remains uninterested in her job.


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