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By: Hood Richardson

The woke liberals have finally done it.  They have awakened the long sleeping and complacent school bear.  It is painfully clear that the garbage fed to us by the liberal and possibly communist education club is truly deceptive and runs against the principles of our founding fathers and freedom itself.  The new math, the critical race theory, the elimination of prayer and Christian principles along with a school system that is so poorly run that we now need police in the schools have become more than most Americans can stand.  Time for a change.

The communists and their liberal sympathizers have slowly, over the past 40 years changed our education from reading writing and arithmetic to mind control and brain washing.  Few high school graduates are qualified to do much of anything.

Typically negative processes take years to install one small step at a time.  Revolution roll backs can happen overnight with one election.  The 2021 November elections clearly indicate the public is ready to change the education system back to its traditional values.  Reading, writing, arithmetic with generous helpings of founding fathers history and other real history.  Get rid of all those consultants, state and federal bureaucrats.  Refuse to accept federal money.  Disruptive students should be sent home, not enrolled in a special education program.

The North Carolina Constitution provides:  “The people have a right to the privilege of education…” a guarantee for a right to an opportunity to an education, not a guarantee to attend school at the expense of others being able to get an education.  The legislature can correct the terrible damage done to education by judges who think they know best.  The Leandro case is a good example of judges writing law.  The Legislature needs to stop paying teachers for votes and start fixing the system.

For those who are willing to support change, registration for school board candidates and other offices begins on December 6 at 12:00 Noon and ends on December 17 at 12:00 Noon.  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has the courage to make the necessary changes to get elected.  The 2022 elections are already shaping up to be a “Throw the Bums Out” election.  The great majority of voters have had enough lies and deception.   A lot of people will be elected simply by opposing an incumbent. Any incumbent.  All incumbents are at high risk in the 2022 elections.

Unless you, the voter, can clearly see that the incumbent has stood for American values, the Constitution and against those who are deliberately destroying the United States and traditional American values, please vote them out of office.  Public office is no place for nice guys who just want to be re-elected.  Any elected official who does their job will be criticized.

Find an incumbent and register to run against him/her either in their primary or the opposing party.  Every vote does count.   We have seen “Mister Unbeatable” hold office as long as no one opposed him.  Then someone had the courage to run against him and he was either defeated or weakened to the point he lost the next election.

Many people are afraid of holding public office.  To them it may look complicated or require knowledge and training they think they do not have.  Holding office is easy, the founding fathers intended for any citizen to be able to hold any office.  Every mother can believe her child can hold any elective office from school board to president. 

The requirements to be successful in any office are:  Christian, conservative and constitutional.  Christian goes back to the intentions of the founding fathers.  Conservative is simply respecting the sovereignty of the people.  Constitutional is the requirement to read and understand and follow the Constitutions of our state and nation.

While I recommend that 90 percent of the incumbents should be turned out of office, I would tell you to be very careful not to vote out those who are truly doing a good job.  That is only about 10 percent of those now holding office.

A word of advice.  Be careful whom you seek advice from.  Political parties and back room politicians are notorious for talking candidates out of running against their incumbents.


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