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John Woodard

The Answer is That Girls Are Being Raped and No one Seems to Care!

We have been watching the National News with horror about the story of a 17-year-old girl being raped in the girl’s bathroom by a male that entered, wearing a skirt. This was reported to the school administrators who transferred the offending male to another school where he was able to rape another girl. 

It was later discovered that the school superintendent and others tried to cover up the facts of the assault in order to prevent the public from knowing the truth which would undermine the political position of the “woke” leadership in the schools. Then, to make matters worse, when the father of the rape victim attempted to address the school board, the superintendent outright lied about knowing that the event had occurred. Naturally, this gaslighting angered the girl’s father who was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies for being ‘disruptive.’

Now, we find that there are various incidences of sexual assault and forcible rape that are allegedly occurring in North Carolina schools -similar to the Loudoun County Virginia case.

A young woman named Serena Evans was alone in the bathroom while a student at Myers Park High in Charlotte when she was approached by a male student-athlete. He took her to the men’s bathroom where she was forced to perform oral sex which was followed by forcible rape. When she was first approached, she knew what was going on but was afraid of what might happen to her if she did not submit.

It has now come to light that Serena Evans was one of five students who have been sexually assaulted at Myers Park High where the Charlotte-Mecklenberg police and school administrators did nothing. 

Initially, Evans did not report the event fearing reprisal. But she eventually told her mother who called the police and school officials. Superintendent Ernest Winston and Board Chairwoman Eliyse Dashew interviewed Ms. Evans with questions that suggested that they did not believe her complaint. However, emails and text messages show that superintendent Winston was questioning the accuracy of news reports before deleting the statement an hour later. It has been confirmed that the statement was written by Winston, General Counsel Mayes and other staff in the General Counsel’s office.

In support of her story, she and her mother provided dozens of emails with school administrators and police in the furtherance of their investigation.

Evans, who was 15 yeas-old at the time, recounted how fearful she was that if she did not go along, he would be physically harmed.

There are more details in this matter but it is believed that we have supplied sufficient detail for you to get the gist of this sexual assault and the reaction of the school administrators who treated Ms. Evans with disrespect.

But what is worse is that the rapist still attends classes with his victim. His only restriction is that he is required to wear an ankle bracelet. Otherwise, he can come and go as he pleases.

Serena Evans knows quite clearly what should be evident to all who read this article, that victims don’t matter.

Last month at Olympic High School, a male student rapes a girl, then is allowed to play football wearing an ankle bracelet. Then several high school volleyball students/players have not been allowed to compete due to a walkout protest ignited by standing with this alleged rape victim.  

Students now say they are scared to go to school this year at CMS.

This is what is happening in our schools when administrators seem to be indifferent to the complaints of female students. Superintendent Catherine Truitt has stated her intent to investigate these matters and to take these complaints seriously.

Are our schools facing the same concerns as Loudon Co Va.? The teachers and administrators tolerate sex ed to be taught in our schools that would make a parent blush. And there are books in our school libraries that display sex acts graphically between adults and children.

We saw the parents stand up and fight for their children in Va., so we need to do the same here in North Carolina.

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