No Right to Exist: Episode 2 | Beaufort County Now | No longer the "friendly opposition", the Liberal "ying" to the more studious, more insightful "yang"; no, not the least bit worthy of such.

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Elections provide deep, foreboding and most consequential alternate futures. To that end, we have to be at least assured of this one sincere philosophical truth - the Democratic Socialist party has N0 Right to Exist.

    No longer the "friendly opposition", the Liberal "ying" to the more studious, more insightful "yang"; No, not the least bit worthy of such. The Democratic Socialist party, in absolute sincerity, has the profound right not to exist in a Republic teetering on its wobbly heels to stay upright.

    NOW, having made this acerbic pronouncement, I am not advocating that the state, whoever has possibly assumed its Authoritarian charge, be the entity to deny a pathway to the Democratic Socialists; No, the Democratic Socialist party should cease to exist because they become such an insignificant player in OUR Representative Republic's selection process of who our leaders will be. In a Constitutional /Representative Republic, the selection of our leaders is the solemn duty of all Americans, and for the Democratic Socialist party that process became a freak show of fools, and non patriot clowns, who somehow have an incredible relevance in their Leftist zeitgeist.

    How else does one explain patent fools like Joseph R. Biden, "America's First Idiot President", and Speaker Non Patriot Pelosi, who is no smarter than Joe the Fool, but may be twice as evil? How long can the slow witted, or poorly informed, or those that never considered patriotism an important asset to the continuation of this Republic, be in such a number that in their collective Democratic Socialist voice there can be no real democratic justice?

    If I am of a mind to ask these questions regarding the longevity issue, one must assume that the Non Patriot core of the Democratic Socialists have also considered such, leaving one to question of oneself, and eventually others: Why else would the Democratic Socialists collude, in utter dishonest anticipation of the destructive outcome, with the Corrupt Corporate Propogandist Media, the Mind Control Managers of Big Tech, and the dwindling Education Industry to control the dishonest narrative of what America is, was, and what it must become?

    Every sorry tale has a fundamental pathway, where provoked and promised pieces of a Democratic Socialist puzzle must conform to a sect of Marxist motives: 1) The corrupt Corporate Propagandist Media dishonest to their core; 2) The Mind Control Managers of Big Tech destruction of Free Speech; 3) The Two Tier Justice System, where far too many activist Democratic Socialist judges and lawyers exist to corrupt an equal application of our laws; 4) A Bureaucrat Class that is, from an overall perspective, an estimated 20% over staffed, in many cases over paid, and predominately Democratic Socialist; 5) Last, but not least, Democratic Socialist politicians at all levels of governing, the vast majority dishonest to their core, as if that trait is expected of them, who are not only vastly ignorant on almost all issues, but hold the US Constitution - the document they are sworn to defend - as contemptible.

    This estimation of these facts are not hyperbole, or dishonestly presented, and even if we all wished they were a partisan pronouncement by this practiced and experienced politician, they are not. They are true, and, sadly, very real. In retrospect, I am rarely wrong.

    Then are the Republicans perfect politicians you might ask? No; there are many bad Republicans. Far too many sorry Republicans, and my history in honestly dealing with local Republican interloping politicians is legend. I despise dishonest, generally stupid nominal Republicans far more than dishonest Democratic Socialists, but, "Here is the Rub"...

    Even though Beaufort County, North Carolina, has historically produced some of the worst nominal Republican politicians in the history of North Carolina, there are many whip-smart and ultra honest Republican politicians from locales far, far away, and thank God for that. These outstanding leaders not only give the Republican Party hope, they lend hope to American patriots everywhere, and could be the catalyst to nudge more frustrated citizens, many of whom have never paid any real, honest attention to unfolding events, toward a more patriotic posture. Good people, at their core, can make meaningful change in their perspective of what is real, and act accordingly for the rest of their days.

    The problem with the Democratic Socialists, unlike their Republican adversaries, their every sorry politicians, their corrupt Corporate Propagandist Media, and all their many dishonest sycophants, non patriots all, and there are far, far too many, just have "No Right to Exist". No American, with a full working brain, will ever gravitate toward their sorry excuse for a political pathway ever again.

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
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