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LIke NC's major electric monopoly Duke Energy, its Virginia monopoly counterpart, Dominion Energy is very "woke" and wants to "virtue signal" to the green left with lots of new wind and solar, and it wants to do so without regard to the huge cost to electric consumers.  With left wing Democrats in power in all branches of state government, Dominion had received the initial permission for a massive offshore wind turbine development that an industry publication echoed local observers in calling "bloody expensive".

Now things have changed, with GOP control of all statewide offices and the lower house of the state legislature.  During one of the gubenatorial debates, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin spoke out against the rush to wind and solar, proclaiming "get ready, blackouts and brownouts are coming".  Indeed, around the world, blackouts and brownouts have been hallmarks of significant shifts to wind and solar, as have rapidly rising electric rates.

Not only is this offshore windfarm extremely expensive, and an expense that will be imposed on electric ratepayers, but it will be vulnerable to hurricanes, which could lead to extremely prolonged loss of electricity.


Here in North Carolina, progressive Governor Roy Cooper is a big fan and promoter of the Green New Deal and its major component, pushing wind and solar energy.  Unfortunately, our Republican legislative leaders do not seem to have the common sense of Virginia Republicans and have given Cooper his Green New Deal in HB 951, mandating a North Carolina rush to wind and solar.  Our "Republican" legislative leaders in NC have taken the same positions as their far-left Virginia Democrat counterparts.  Phil Berger and Tim Moore have their fingerprints all over this boondoggle.  So does the one term RINO state senator our district inherited with the redistricting, Jim Perry of Kinston.  Roy Cooper is particularly fond of these same offshore wind turbines that Dominion Energy is pushing, so do not be surprised to see the same boondoggle imposed here.

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( November 21st, 2021 @ 7:46 pm )
Hopefully, Virginia will disentangle themselves from the schemes of the Climate-Industrial complex. Otherwise, their electric ratepayers and likely their taxpayers will get skewered. Radical Democrats did it to Virginia, but establishment Republicans did the very same thing to us in NC, and that is completely disgusting. Getting NC out of this mousetrap is going to be problematic, because we have a Green New Deal lefty governor, and too many Green New Deal legislators, most all of the Democrats and way too many who CLAIM to be "Republican". Germany's wind and solar is well below 50% and they are paying three times what NC pays in residential electric rates. What will this idiotic 70% wind and solar do to NC electric rates? I cringe to think of it. The phony "Republicans" responsible for it should hang their heads in shame. Why bother with a GOP majority when they just adopt the policies of AOC and Joe Biden?

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