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This year has been an eye opener in Europe for real people on the results of depending too highly on unreliable intermittent wind and solar electricity to power homes and businesses.  NC is on the very same path thanks to RINOs ramming through NC's Green New Deal, HB951.

A British website, The Conservative Woman, has just published an article describing where the UK is at present as a result of these "net zero" policies, which is aptly entitled "Blundering blindly into an Energy Emergency" which can be read here:

This fall, Europe and the UK saw week after week after week of very light winds, dubbed "the big calm", a condition that continues to persist.  Wind turbine electric production plummeted and both Europe and the UK burned through their natural gas reserves to keep the lights on.  Now gas reserves are very low and prices have skyrocketed.  Worse, this condition exists as the UK and Europe enter into the coldest part of the year, when demand will go up significantly.

In the past, the UK has used interconnectors with France to import France's mainly nuclear power to back up the UK's finicky wind turbines, but this winter one of the two interconnectors is down for months for repair.  Worse, an inspection at a French nuclear power plant revealed cracks and now several plants have been closed for inspection, which may take months.  France may not have any power to spare for the UK this winter.

The UK has substantial proven onshore gas reserves that could be tapped with fracking, but the British government has banned fracking.  There is also a new North Sea offshore oil and gas discovery that the British government is unsure if it will even allow to be developed due to the controversy over alleged "global warming".  On top of that, the government wants to phase out gas-fired power plants completely.

All of this means electric rate hikes and the very real prospect of blackouts this winter.  The government is already suggesting raising the electric rate cap by 40%.

The situation is just as bad across the Channel in the EU, where calm winds have also depleted gas reserves and prices are soaring.  Only Poland, which mainly uses coal to produce its electricity has largely been exempt:

North Carolina is starting down the same path thanks to RINOs in the legislature.  HB951 requires reducing CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 (compared to the EU's mandate of only a 50% reduction), which will mean a lot more dependency on unreliable wind and solar here in NC.  Can Phil Berger and Tim Moore spell B-L-A-C-K-O-U-T and R-A-T-E H-I-K-E?

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( December 21st, 2021 @ 3:07 pm )
Relying on weather-dependent sources of electricity like wind and solar for baseload is madness. A number of countries have already suffered large scale blackouts as a result when wind farms suddenly quit producing.

The "feast or famine" nature of solar and particularly wind is also a big problem. Some times of the year, like heat waves in summer and even more so cold snaps in winter correspond with periods when wind or solar or both are not producing power. High demand coupled with little wind / solar output is a recipe for either very high costs to consumers, blackouts, or brownouts. Some places that have installed lots of solar / wind routinely are seeing managed rolling blackouts because there is simply not enough power being produced to serve all customers so they rotate who is being cut off.

The other side of the coin is also a problem. There are times of the year, such as in Spring, when there are great conditions for producing wind / solar but reduced demand since it is outside both the heating and cooling seasons. In some systems, the utilities are forced to buy this unneeded power from wind / solar operators and then either try to sell it at a loss somewhere or just dump it. In others, like the UK, the utilities are forced to pay the wind / solar operators for the power they could have made, but the operators turn off their turbines. In either case, the cost is passed on to the consumer.

Forcing wind and solar on end user electric customers is an extremely anti-consumer move because it costs consumers dearly.

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