Christopher Rufo: ‘God Bless All Of The Parents And Activists In Virginia Who Made This Happen’ | Beaufort County Now | Appearing on Fox News on Wednesday night after the election results in Virginia on Tuesday revealed that parents’ anger at public school policies had driven much of the mammoth win for the Republican Party

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    Appearing on Fox News on Wednesday night after the election results in Virginia on Tuesday revealed that parents' anger at public school policies had driven much of the mammoth win for the Republican Party, the Manhattan Institute's Christopher Rufo, whose dedicated work has exposed the use of Critical Race Theory-tinged curricula in schools and other organizations, stated, "Tell people once and for all - Critical Race Theory has no place in our schools, no place in our public institutions" while asserting, "God bless all the parents and activists in Virginia who made this happen."

    Fox News' Tucker Carlson prompted Rufo by saying, "I don't think it's an overstatement to say that you've been single-minded on this and you've been totally unafraid to say what it is, which is anti-white racism. I'm sorry, that's as bad as any other kind of racism because we actually have a brotherhood of man. So, thank you very much for what you've done. How do you respond to people looking at you and saying, 'Oh, no, it's all fake'?"

    "Well, I've actually done the reporting," Rufo responded. "I've shown through original source document reporting that Critical Race Theory is absolutely taught in dozens of schools. Even a simple book that's taught in elementary schools called 'Not My Idea' that tells white children that they are the devil, that their whiteness is equivalent with a pact with Satan. These books are everywhere; the evidence is out there. I always report with full source documents."

    "But here's the thing," Rufo said. "The nihilistic and malicious elite in this country believes that your children are their property, and that they can pump them full of ideology and simply lie about it. But what we've seen in Virginia, not just conservatives, but independents and even Joe Biden voters, saw through the lies of these despicable people at MSNBC and The Washington Post, and they said, we want good education oriented toward excellence, not toward a reductive, racialist ideology promoted by some of the worst people in the country."

    "So what chills me is to watch these people casually defend something that's evil," Carlson commented. "So they're arguing, and they argue it on TV, that one specific race is inherently bad. So what's the end game here exactly? If a race is inherently bad, if it's inherently stained, if it's inherently disgusting, something we should eliminate, like what are they saying exactly? This seems really dark to me."

    "If you look at the academic literature of Critical Race Theory, the idea is to break down whiteness," Rufo explained. "So, removing people's 'white privilege.' Putting them into a stance of humiliation and defeat and concession in order to redistribute wealth and property along racial lines. It's not really an exaggeration to say that Critical Race Theory is a form of race-based Marxism using racial politics to achieve the old Marxist ends of economic leveling and redistribution."

    "And then they simply hide it," he declared. "They play these linguistic shell games. They try to intimidate average people. They try to humiliate them and shame them, but average people rose up. They have nothing to lose. They want to protect their kids. God bless all of the parents and activists in Virginia who made this happen. And tell people once and for all - Critical Race Theory has no place in our schools, no place in our public institutions."


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