Could "January 6th Insurrection Day" Become the "Solemn" Pseudo Holiday for Democratic Socialists? | Eastern North Carolina Now | Where were you when the predominately MAGA faithful mostly walked into a poorly secured National Capitol?

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    Publisher's note: This post was first published in early Winter 2021, but the subject is as topical now as it was then with the faux January 6 investigation continuing in a Democratically controlled congress, and a concurrent investigation by the provenly corrupt Biden DOJ, where an eventual truth will be discovered, where I predict it will NOT be the one that is currently sought.

    If one only consumed the pejorative words of the Democratic Socialist Propagandistic Media fools, one might believe so; yes, it could become a grand holiday for the Leftists ...

Where were you when the predominately MAGA loyalists mostly walked into a poorly secured National Capitol?

    I remember that "January 6th Insurrection Day" vividly. I had just mostly listened (I was working, not looking up to the TV screen) to then President Trump implore that his loyal devotees, "peaceably march to our Nation's Capitol to peaceably protest" an election that had far too many unresolved discrepancies in the balloting, and in the counting of those ballots to gain any confidence in an election designed to represent the true electoral wishes of the People. Simultaneously, some protestors, obviously not there to hear President Trump speak, were over a mile away, and already enjoined in the beginning of the Capitol's breach.

    When the rioting began, within an hour of the conclusion of Mr. Trump's address, at our Legislative Branch's center of government, there were those wishing to become part of that day's history; filing through the many open doors of the Capitol, carefully staying within the cordoned off pathways reserved for the normal tourists of the mostly undefended Capitol. What some of these "trespassers" did not realize is that they were NOT welcome, and many are now political prisoners, still locked up in a Washington, DC maximum security prison as I make this report.

    Paint us naïve, but when I called my wife into the room that January 6, 2021 afternoon to witness the Capitol cameras recording, and broadcasting the now "infamous" orderly stream of regular looking folks entering the Capitol, now instantly becoming "Insurrectionists," now making history, her initial comment was, "Wow, this is just like Animal House. To which, I retorted, "but without the togas and the beer."

    That naïve frivolity of these MAGA inclined intruders notwithstanding, the original intended purpose of the day's work in the Capitol, in the US Senate, was to certify the supposed election of Joe Biden to the Presidency of the United States, amid multiple balloting and voting irregularities in this Political Age of Covid, and in the dark shadow of that terrible BLM /Antifa Summer of Hypocrisy and Hate. It was a summer where every high level Democratic Socialist politician cried out for defunding law enforcement in favor of "social equity," as many cities under Leftist control were racked by riots, often on fire; a product of Arson and Leftist hate. Is it any wonder that some patriotic Americans visiting the Capitol on January 6, 2021, who despise the hypocrisy of lying politicians still in charge of these regular folks self-governed rights to their guaranteed freedoms, could be utterly confused ... and equally disgusted?

    Consequently, and in spite of the hypocritical subterfuge and the instigation of mayhem where violence did occur, it would have been wise if these MAGA faithful had steered clear of the "People's House" this day. To date, hundreds of these protestors, some of them real rioters, are still rotting in jail, where none, not one, are being held on the charge of "Insurrection". The willful blame of "Insurrection", is merely a political promotion spewed from the lying mouths of Democratic Socialist politicians, and a child's handful of Nominal Republicans lurking in their shameful shadows.

    In the world of what is real, there was NO "Insurrection", there was only a political opportunity for a Democratic Socialist party, who now no longer has any real reason to exist, to gain the issue of political advantage to further unrestrained Marxism. Bolstered by a corrupt Corporate Media that also has no credible purpose, no reason to continue to likewise exist, I fear that these non patriot fools will make this day, a winter's day in early 2021 as one of the many dark stains upon our democratic process of continuing our Republic, and make it into a historical lie, and an intellectual blight upon the young minds of tomorrow.

    Ultimately, that would be yet another travesty against what is real, what is truth, and thus perpetrated by the certified non patriots collecting for their payoffs, the party of a pathetically poor people, poor in intellectual acuity, and spiritual growth - the Democratic Socialists.

And we are supposed to take this one, Kommie Harris, seriously as a Vice President: Below.

    The aforementioned Democratic Socialist Fools, who would wring all out of historical proportion the real truth of this "solemn day", when America's First Idiot President, Joseph R. Biden, was duly certified, have now put the proper pejorative words in place to make January 6th, 2022 a future day of Marxist celebration. Beginning with the Fool #1 Democratic Socialist AG Merrick Garland making a stand, on video, for the "Remembrance", and will be followed by a Parade of Democratic Socialist Fools saying silly insipid words that cannot be unsaid; words to remember them by.

Parade of Fools ... Fool #1, Democratic Socialist AG Merrick Garland on Insurrection Eve. If there ever was a public figure of real importance who should truly watch his words, it is this fool: Below.

Parade of Fools ... Fool #2, Democratic Socialist Speaker Non Patriot Pelosi whined that she heard that an "Insurrectionist intended to shoot her in the brain" ... as if anyone could be that good of a marksman ... even at close range: Below.

    Just a reminder of a chunk of realty if you have taken the time, so far, to consume these videos of these first two fools discussing "January 6th Insurrection Day" a "Day of Remembrance", the only entity of humankind who was killed that fateful day in early January, 2021 was an unarmed Ashli Babbitt; an Air force veteran deployed on multiple tours to combat zones, who was an ardent Resident trump supporter. The published and practiced lies told by the Democratic Socialists, politicians and propagandists alike, regarding those 'brave members of the DC police that were mortally wounded and killed' that day have not been substantiated ... they lied as is their profound nature to do so ... over and over, again and again.

    And now, we return to BCN's visual presentation of The Parade of Fools, those who have politicized the January 6th Capitol Riots well beyond all sane purpose, just like the Democratic Socialists did, and are continuing to do, along with: Covid; the fake White Supremacist Conspiracy; the Sainthood of George Floyd and the resultant Glorification of Urban Destruction as Equity; the unintelligible promotion of Critical Race Theory ... just to name a few initiatives of the non patriot Democratic Socialists. But, I digress; the Parade of Fools continue here below.

Continuing the Parade of Fools montage of Stupid is Fool #3 Democratic Socialist Vice President Kommie Harris, who debases her presentation of any intellectual acuity every time she opens her mouth. Here is her unfortunate video that will be preserved for posterity of the intellectually challenged Kommie Harris equating the "January 6 Insurrection Day" series of unfortunate events with the December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor Sneak Attack; the September 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attack Against America which put our Republic on firm war footings ... Wars that fought and were won by real American heroes: Below.

Parade of Fools ... Fool #4, Democratic Socialist Joe Biden, America's First Idiot President, wraps it all up, and for those of you who have the presence of purpose to take good grip of what is real, Covid Joe does not disappoint: Below.

    In summary, it was a two day Cacophony of Stupid served up by Democratic Socialist zealots to their most intellectually vulnerable of subjects. If these Democratic Socialists possessed any modicum of patriotism, they would reserve their extra hyperbolic "January 6th Insurrection Day" Clown Show to meet out purpose only to those Democratic Socialist sycophant fools, those who continue to clamor to keep those that best represent their pathetic ideals in office.
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( August 21st, 2022 @ 11:10 am )
In all honesty, considering all I saw from what I intrinsically know to be true from January 6th, 2021 to what I judge be accurate now, the greatest Insurrection in modern history would be the stealing of an election - like the one conspired to be stolen by the Democratic Socialist hypocrites in November, 2020 - to install a puppet Idiot in the White House, and this was not the only election stolen during this Constitutional Republic's general election of 2020.

Stealing the People's right to make their votes count in free and elections is a travesty, whereby allowing such illegal behavior to succeed has become not only a hallmark of the corrupt Democratic Socialist party at large, but NOW a privileged general practice in some quarters.
( January 9th, 2022 @ 9:09 am )
How is your family celebrating "Insurrection Eve" tonight? How will you celebrate "Insurrection Day" tomorrow?

Personally, I did not celebrate the BLM /Antifa Summer 2020 of Hypocrisy and Hate. Others who despise our Constitutional Republic did; I did not.

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