Does Stupid helping Stupid by Influencing Stupids Equal Smart? | Beaufort County Now | It may exist in the Big Tech Monopoly sphere of propping up so-called "Influencers;" the people who shape the intellects of those who possess infinitesimal knowledge; those among us who are intellectually vulnerable ... some would say, those that are stupid.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Not in a real world environment where reality actually matters.

    It may exist in the Big Tech Monopoly sphere of propping up so-called "Influencers;" the people who shape the intellects of those who possess infinitesimal knowledge; those among us who are intellectually vulnerable ... some would say, those that are stupid. Think about this carefully, people who so terribly little of what is real "influencing" those who may know only slightly less, both Tools of a Fool President, completely devoid of any ideals of patriotic goodness.

    Now, "America's First Idiot President" endeavors to manipulate the minds of those that are intellectually vulnerable, those that were educated well to the level of indoctrination, our children still well unwise, less wise than at comparable ages in years past. The great irony here is that Joe the Tool uses TikTok, a Big Tech Monopoly funded heavily by China, to ply this intellectual misadventure to misdirect those that waste valuable time on TikTok by spreading propagandistic lies blaming the Russia invasion of Ukraine as the main reason for Bidenflation, including OUR United States losing its energy independence, beginning on Joe the Fool's first day in office.

This abomination of propagandistic messaging, born by these TikTok Influencers of privileged repute, is brought to us by the Democratic Socialist Central Committee, with Clueless Joe playing their Puppeteer's Tool. Think of it this way, The Idiot President does not undertand basic economics, nor does anyone in his economics band of fools, and now petulant children are educating others on an issue they know NOT: Above and below.

    More about this later as these many videos of this cringe worthy politicization of those, sadly, most unwise are revealed.

    Publisher's note: The entirety of this series, "An Indoctrination Nightmare", can be found here.

Should the precepts and political ideals of the "Green New Deal," and the 2 year Democratic Socialist politicization of Covid Response continue to take precedent over cogent economic foundational norms?
  Yes, we must save the planet, and we must take whatever measures necessary to control the populations of the World to do so.
  No, the People should continue to have the freedom to make the correct decisions, as afforded to US by God, guaranteed by the Constitution, and beyond all manner of Authoritarian control.
  I have no idea ... I don't read much of what is real.
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