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    In an Executive Administration that professes to support education, while being politically supported by this "intelligentsia" and that pays hundreds of millions of dollars per year for Executive Staff to make properly considered decisions, and act accordingly: Would not one think they would have someone hanging around that understood basic economics? At face value, one might well consider that would not be the case since every decision made by the Biden /Harris Administration is the wrong one on every issue, all the time, but especially when it comes to foundational economics ... or, should better consider that all of these severe administrative missteps are intentional?

    In the first installment of this series, a discussion was initiated describing the initial phase of the "Green New Deal" - the bold effort by the Democratic Socialist Party to remake our economy into a Marxist construct - where Joe Biden, their puppet president, did as he was bade to create instability in the United States and the World Economy, while intentionally making the our dear "Blue Jewel" far less safe. For those of us that have an understanding of rudimentary economics, this initiative by the Democratic Socialists was their first salvo to make raw natural resources shorter in supply, while driving up prices, creating the hyper inflation feedback loop, thus making more expensive "Green" energy less expensive in a relative sense.

    This ignorant mission by the Socialists, within these Authoritarian's cover of Covid, began by paying people not to work as a reward to the Non Productive by reminding them how important their vote was in the 2020 General Election, was, along with signaling to energy producers that prices must be raise, the opening Bideninflation blast that created the process of "too much money chasing too few goods." Later federal Vaccine Mandates were instituted through 'OSHA's heavy hand, thus creating greater worker shortages and now a Supply Chain Crisis of infamous proportions, and what naturally occurred, whether by stupidity or by pure intent, was Bideninflation, and it is virulent. Remembering the Democratic Socialist grand credo in Socialist governing: "Never let a crisis go to waste;" you must look to this principle economic catastrophe, by these Non Patriot Fools, through their own politically drawn lens, and question the Democratic Socialists' motives for such an abomination.

    This economic catastrophe, constructed by the Democratic Socialists puppeteers of The Fool Biden, is working as they did intend it to work, but it is certainly not some diabolic event of evil genius; no, it is simply the secondary credo of Democratic Socialists: "Let's do everything stupidly wrong, then blame it on someone, something ... anything else." This is what we are now discovering as principle talking points of the Socialist Left - a political discipline that the Democratic Socialist Party has long been beholden to.


    Electing the Idiot Biden to the Presidency under the cover of Covid, by employing a 2020 election that was rife with First Amendment violations by the corrupt Corporate Media /Big Tech Monopolies, all sanctioned by the Democratic Socialists; however, the most magnificent affront to voter integrity was the Covid /Democratic Socialist inspired Ballot Harvesting that was willful and rampant. Adding the intellectually insufficient and socially /politically awkward Kommie Harris to the vice president position appears to be part of what may be the more diabolical overall plan - "Let's do everything stupidly wrong, then blame it on someone, something else,". then reap the benefits of constant crisis, the hallmark of the Democratic Socialist and their corrupt Corporate Media lapdogs

    To push the proper narrative, or "honing the message," which is at the core of their propagandistic collusive with corrupt journalism, it all started with the Biden /Harris campaign, where the messaging and narratives were crafted that not only did not comport comfortably with Joe Biden's former, yet false, crafted image, that was often in conflict with itself. Without the cooperation of the corrupt Corporate Media /Big Tech Monopolies this abomination would have never occurred, and the wanton and rampant Election Fraud of 2020 would have been of little consequence.


    Now, as a sorry, convoluted fate puts two broken down politicians in control of the United States, and as of recent past the Free World, the Biden /Harris administration slowly disintegrates into a huge historical footnote of tragic proportions at some great consequence. Even now, as corrupt Corporate Media's so-called journalists begin to re-claim from the distant past some measure of a limp backbone, this process becomes just enough of an impetus, along with dramatically sinking approval polls - unelectable projections on all levels of interest - the narrative is ever changing, but it is comprised nearly entirely of misinformation and outright lies. That there are tens of millions of Americans that put this level of ignorance in office should raise alarm in all thinking citizens that something well amiss in our Education Industry. Indoctrination into Socialism or Marxism should never again be tolerated, for this is not education, it is societal poison.

In support of the previous paragraph, I wish to provide videos supporting campaign positions, by Dishonest Joe, revealing promises made that, to the insufferable fool's credit, he did remain honest to those pitiful precepts in the first year of his administration: Above and two videos below.

    The essential truth remains regarding the sudden energy problem, errupting in the Joe Biden administration, is the Radical Marxist Left of the Democratic Socialist Party is in control of the puppeteer's within the Biden /Harris Administration, and abject illogical behavior is proving not to work on the national or World stage.


    Because of Biden's and Harris's diminished presence, and, consequently, our Republic's abrupt lack of effectiveness in all matters; this Administration's clear signalling ("messaging") that the real of energy discovery, production, processing and delivery was of no interest to them; coupled with the initial actions within the initial days of his Destruction by Executive Order routines cried out to the World: "I have no clue in what I do, and you should have no confidence in me too" - The Idiot in his Element.

Watch here the business /World strategic sense from these Republicans. You will not anything approaching this level of knowledge from any Democrat, save Joe Manchin, regarding energy or foreign affairs. In the first video, K.T. McFarland, who has worked for many Republican Presidents, including recently when she worked for President Donald Trump is so impressive that the Non Patriot Democratic Socialists endeavored to destroy her during the Russia Hoax Witch Hunt: Above. If Stupid floats your boat, as a supporter of intellectually frail political cretins that now serve with those that would destroy our Constitutional Republic, there is no way you would understand how important the wise use of our natural resources is, or the rational care of our People would be, but these two former President Trump officials do: Below.

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( March 18th, 2022 @ 11:14 pm )
I have long assessed what the political /government problems are at local, state and federal levels of government, but, I have also said all governing is interconnected.

Consequently, I have long advocated that education is the key to have a better informed, more intellectually challenged public that must make it all work in a World society of over 8 billion people.

In regards of the hope that education would do its job for the betterment of managing this Representative Republic, it has failed us, and it has taken decades of bad management to get to this point.

I will do my part to correct this aberration, I always have and I always will; so, please join me at the First Amendment Publication Beaufort County NOW (BCN) - a Social Network unto itself, and unto this region.

Let us all take a firm step in many, or all directions in helping all of us get smarter.
Well considered rants from all positions welcomed.
( March 14th, 2022 @ 8:11 am )
I take the position that all is not well in Joe Biden's Socialist America, and all that has come to pass was avoidable in its entirety.

Read this, read the series, and participate on BCN.

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