School Board Candidate Concerned About our Schools | Beaufort County Now | My name is Donald Shreve and I’m a fiscal Republican conservative running for Beaufort County School Board District 8 Seat.

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    Dear Fellow Beaufort County Citizens:

    My name is Donald Shreve and I'm a fiscal Republican conservative running for Beaufort County School Board District 8 Seat.

    Our school board and Butch Oliver is failing our students according to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) grade level scores. It is apparent by looking at these scores that our students are failing in almost every major subject. Ninety-four% of students at Northside High School are below grade level in math. In general, students in Beaufort County are less than 50% proficient in in reading and math at grade level. This is not acceptable! We need to do better for our children.

    Our schools need better curriculums that focus on the major subjects our kids are under performing in. Families can explain the world to them at home. Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other subversive curriculums must come out of our schools. While some may argue that CRT is not in our schools, elements of this curriculum are clearly present through labels such as "psycho-educational", "social learning" and "diversity training". Parents and grandparents have seen it, especially after virtual classroom learning due to Covid 19. (See Judicial Watch, January 2022, Exposing and Stopping Critical Race Theory in Our Schools, Special Report).

    Furthermore, the School Board and Butch Oliver are not taking a firm stand against it. Parents and concerned citizens have been pouring into school board meetings in Beaufort County. One of the biggest concerns is that the teaching socially progressive and sexually charged issues such as transgenderism can create confusion and cause children and teens to question their biological identity.

    We must all work together to "save our children" and shift the education focus on critical topics that serve to prepare them for college and careers. If elected, I will stand on the side of parents and speak up to defend their concerns. Our kids are our future!!

    I currently have over 7 1/2 years of teaching experience in Beaufort and Carteret Counties. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and over 40 years of experience of Executive, Administrative and Management experience working with people. In addition, I have served on three boards in Onslow and Carteret Counties. On day one, I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and work for families and children. I will be their voice!

    I humbly ask for your vote in the May 17th primary.

    Thank you,

    Donald W. Shreve

    Conservative Candidate for School Board
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