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Early voting for the May 17 Primaries begins Thursday April 28 and ends May 14 at 3:00 p.m.  The “One Stop” early voting schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

You can check your voter registration data and download your sample ballot by clicking here.  Note that in Beaufort County there are separate ballots depending on the school board district in which you are registered to vote.  Where a candidate is running unopposed, that seat is not listed on the ballot.

As has been our custom for several years, we are listing our choices, selected by our Editorial Team, for those who wish to know that information.  The standard we apply is “which candidate is most conservative.”  Our choices match those of the Beaufort County Citizens for Better Government.  Those choices are:

  • U. S. Senate: Ted Budd
  • U. S. House District 3: Greg Murphy or Tony Cowden. (*see note below)
  • N. C. House District 79: Keith Kidwell
  • N. C. Supreme Court Justice: April C. Wood**
  • N, C. Court of Appeals: Donna Stroud (Seat 9) and Michael J. Stading (Seat 11)
  • Beaufort County Commission:  Stan Deatherage or Tandy O. Dunn (***see note below)
  • Beaufort School Board:  (**** see note below)  Gary Carlton (District 6), Donald Shreve (District 08)
  • Beaufort County Sheriff:  Scott Hammonds


*We picked either Greg Murphy or Tony Cowden.  Murphy has a solid conservative voting record, for the most part while Cowden is a newcomer and outsider.  He is the better choice for those who are skeptical of all national incumbents and we see a vote for Cowden as sending Murphy a message that he needs to listen to the People back home more than to the Leadership in the House.  He would get our vote if he pledged to vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker.

**In many ways the race for the NC Supreme Court could be the most important one on this year’s ballot.  It could change the tilt of the Court from majority liberal to majority conservative.  And we think that would be a good thing.

***We agree with the Citizens For Better Government (CBG) on the need to elect a conservative majority to the Board of Commissioners.  That would likely mean getting both Deatherage and Dunn nominated.  The CBG explains it this way:  “Paired Voting -

The Citizens for Better Government is promoting paired voting for County Commissioners. Paired voting will result in the election of a conservative county commission. The way to do this is for a family to pair their votes with one or more family members voting for Tandy Dunn and the other family member(s) voting for Stan Deatherage.”

****We feel very strongly that Beaufort County Schools needs major changes and the current board has not provided the leadership to affect those changes.  So our approach is to not vote for any incumbent.  Vote for a change at the top!


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( May 16th, 2022 @ 5:31 pm )
The National Rifle Association has also endorsed Keith Kidwell for NC House. Kidwell has the backing of both of the gun rights groups active in the General Assembly, NRA and the more active GRNC.

The NRA did not endorse in the US Senate primary, but they gave both Budd and Walker "A" ratings. GRNC strongly recommended Budd, saying Walker had no chance and McCrory vetoed key gun rights legislation as governor.
( May 16th, 2022 @ 3:50 pm )
RINOs are an anathema to good governing because they are inherently dishonest, and dishonesty is kryptonite to good government. For the self-governed it is always the ingredient of trust that binds us.
( May 16th, 2022 @ 3:00 pm )
NC's largest and most active gun rights organization, Grassroots North Carolina has strongly recommended Ted Budd for US Senate and Keith Kidwell for NC House. Only a handful of their recommendations are "strongly" recommended but these two are. GRNC notes that both Budd and Kidwell have been very active in pushing gun rights legislation, and that Budd's major opponent, Pat McCrory, vetoed a key gun rights bill when he was governor.

On the US Congress race, GRNC made no endorsement. They noted that Greg Murphy had voted the wrong way on a couple of key gun rights votes, but that Cowden had not returned his survey.

GRNC recommended Norm Sanderson in the 1st Senate District and Tony Moore in the Pitt County state House disctrict.
( May 16th, 2022 @ 12:04 pm )
You have identified most of the RINOs well. The one exception is Greg Murphy, who has become a flunky of the RINO leadership in Congress, Kevin McCarthy. He is like Renee Ellmers but male and does not seem to perform the non-political type of services to McCarthy that Ellmers did.
( May 8th, 2022 @ 9:24 am )
In doing some spring cleaning yesterday, I ran across an old political postcard that reminds me of the ads I am hearing on the radio from Tandy Dunn hitting the RINO leader on the county commission over taxes. The postcard was from Gary Brinn attacking Jay McRoy over taxes. It's wording is "Feeling a little lighter in your wallet? --- We've found your pickpocket --- Jay McRoy raised your taxes". The illustration shows a pickpocket lifting a wallet. Jay McRoy was a tax-and-spend RINO commissioner at the time who was allied to Jerry Langley. I don't remember now which election year it was, but pounding on McRoy on taxes led Gary Brinn to defeat Jay McRoy in the GOP primary. Taxpayers can only hope the similar radio ads can do the same for Tandy Dunn against Frankie Waters. Frankie Waters is today's Jay McRoy.
( May 8th, 2022 @ 4:46 am )

I really feel sorry for you, man.
( May 7th, 2022 @ 4:13 pm )
Still spouting that Buzzeo / Varcoe / Langley / Waters drivel, are you Cratch? To be in control requires a majority on a body like a county commission. The guy you call "Emporer" has never had a majority on the commission. At best, he is leader of the opposition. Who does have the power? The man behind the throne, leftie Jerry Langley. If there is an Emporer, he is only a puppet, and the current puppet would be Frankie Waters. That is the group with the majority and the power. The goal this election should be to eliminate Langley's role as the power broker.

What is important is policy, NOT personality. Jerry Langley is the AOC of Beaufort County, although he does not shout his ideology like she does. Here is some research for you; go read the online questionaires Langley answered in his House race. Hopefully they are still online. He is much farther to the left than he postures on the commission. There is not a lot of policy daylight between him and AOC. And this is Frankie Waters' boss, and the one that Slann would cross party lines to support.

You have said you think taxes and spending are not important and that illegal immigration is just a "distraction" but to real conservatives those are key issues.

You also do not seem to understand the concept of the Uniparty, which is made up of establishment Republicans and liberal Democrats who collude with each other, the mushy middle. Strong conservative Republicans, and for that matter left wing Democrats generally stand for principle of one sort or another, and are not Uniparty. Langley's incestuous relationships with weak and vain "Republicans" is the very definition of Uniparty. Frankie Waters is part of that and Dawn Slann wants to be.

You spout the Langleyite excuses for bloat in our county government.

The conservative Democrat used to have quite a population in NC politics but they are now an extinct critter. The best Democrat politicians one finds today are the opportunists who occasionally might vote the right way. On the Beaufort County Commission, the Democrats we have are a pair of progressives, Langley and Booth.

Face it, Cratch, in Beaufort County politics you are backing the progressives and the fellow travelers of the progressives. You also advocate a Uniparty arrangement to run our county government that is anti-cpnservative. There was a time, long ago that there were conservative Democrats on our county commission, but that time is long past.

Leadership on our county commission should be organized around principle - conservative principle - NOT power, ego, and ambition, as it has been under the Langley cabal.
( May 7th, 2022 @ 1:07 pm )
You're defeated, Steed. Stop the charades and accept reality. This is like watching someone carry a knife to a gunfight. I'm not here to formulate "Led Zeppelin conspiracy theories" or attack anyone just for the hell it as that's not how I operate. I watch the enemy and learn their habits. I say the things I say and continue to engage "The Emperor's Court" because, as I have found out through common sense observation; The Emperor and his court ARE the problem! They refuse to listen to reason and think outside of the box. You keep repeating the same thing over and over in an attempt to justify a failed strategy that obviously isn't proven effective. Not only is this Basic Psychology 101; it defines "Insanity".

Are all Republicans bad...no

Are all Democrats bad...no

Are party loyalists on both sides (Uniparty loyalists) contributing greatly to the problems of BOCO and abroad.....yes. Both the DEMS and the Republicans are attacking their own because neither side will admit that the game is over.

If you cant understand the brutal simplicity of what I've been saying; I think you're insulting a large portion of Beaufortonians because it further solidifies the fact that the ball has been dropped. I stand behind Mrs. Slann because she IS a fighter and doesn't believe in "politics as usual". She doesn't take shit from anyone and will come to the table in the presence of her enemies....as any warrior would. Someone has to represent the people even in situations where there are opposing ideals and perceptions.

Don't get me cranked up on Varcoe, Kidwell and Buzzeo. You people in the court KNOW that these people are dirty but yet you still tell people to vote for them! That's a sign of submission and weak leadership.

We need strength, not weakness.
( May 7th, 2022 @ 10:27 am )
Mr. Cratch, All you seem able to do on county politics is parrot the narrative of Buzzeo / Varcoe / Waters / Langley. You claim you did not get it from any of them. Maybe you got it from their operative Slann? If you bothered to do any real research you would find that narrative is hogwash.
( May 6th, 2022 @ 7:02 pm )


Whatever you and The Emperor project gets mirrored back upon the court.....a court that refuses to do their homework. It's a shame that the older generation refuses to return the favor of extending the olive branch to the upcoming New Guard.

It's also ironic how some of the people who trained me, whether they know it or not, now perceive me as their "enemy" simply because I don't agree with the "de jure" GOP and the philosophy of "vote for these people because we say so.....they're Republicans". What if a majority of Republican candidates are second string candidates who're handpicked by The Emperor because they will do his bidding without question?

The guilty dogs always bark the loudest.

I never said I'm allegedly involved with "QAnon".....you did. You created this monster.

Future proves past.
( May 6th, 2022 @ 5:16 pm )
Mr. Cratch, you tend to deflect instead of directly answer anyone's questions.

However, from your responses, I think it is clear 1) that you are a follower of the Q-anon group, 2) that you espouse similar theories of county government and the forces within it as Buzzeo, Varcoe, Waters, and Langley, 3) that you will not spell out what your "make Beaufort County great again philosophy is, 4) that you have no evidence from public materials from her campaign to back up your assertion that Mrs. Slann is a "conservative" (my own research fines none, either), 5) that you are content to allow very leftwing Jerry Langley to be the power behind the throne in Beaufort County government, 6) that you share the same boogey man (Richardson) in county government as Buzzeo, Varcoe, Waters, and Langley.

Your positions on county government seem strange because you seem to get in on national government, supporting conservatives Ted Budd and Tony Cowden (we agree on those).

Marching in lockstep with Langley in county government is not a lot different from marching in lockstep with Pelosi and Schumer in national government.
( May 5th, 2022 @ 9:38 pm )
CV "HR",

I have answered your questions. You're playing politics to cover your ass-o. Your methods of attack are outdated and I will not play by your rules....which drives you crazy.

Btw, what if Senators Rand Paul and John Kennedy, both Patriotos and warriors who support il Presidento, possibly know the script that Mayorkas is reading? What if they know that Mayorkas and others are controlled opposition being used to prepare the public for something?

What if this is going on, even on the local level, and you don't even realize it? What if President Trump is helping to expose Autocrats on both sides....even in local government?

Consider the amount of unaffiliated voters in NC and Beaufort County. They outnumber both registered Republicans and Democrats.

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