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There is no doubt that 90 percent of our presently elected officials need to be removed from office. This applies from the White House to the dog (house) catcher.   All of us have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Few have done so.

Among those who have failed is our present sitting Third District Representative, Greg Murphy.  When, during the past two or even four years have you seen him stand up on any constitutional issue.  His votes have supported allowing more illegals to come into the United States.  His most flagrant violation of the Constitution was to vote for what I call the “concentration camp law.”  He voted for the creation of a national data base.  In theory, every citizen would be in it. Those who voted for it told us there would be no abuse in the use of this national data base.  Tell me what law you have ever seen that has not been abused.  Remember the Patriot Act?  Well, apparently the FBI doesn’t.  The Patriot Act effectively abolished the Fourth Amendment.

Look at the Internal Revenue Laws and how several presidents including Obama have abused it. George Bush gave us the Patriot Act.  It is now being used against Republicans, President Trump and anyone else who gets in the way of the Democrats.

The national data base can be used to track health issues, travel, firearms, drugs and as a screening system to determine who is out of favor with those in power.  Couple this act with the broadband goal of having a computer in every home, the prolific use of cell phones  and you have a very sophisticated system of surveillance. The crooks will find many ways to profit from this and control us.  Nothing is more dangerous to our freedom.  Our Third District Representative, Greg Murphy, voted for this data base.  Why?  Did his employer, Vidant, tell him to do so?

All of the above is why Tony Cowden, Candidate for Third District Representative for the US House is the man of the hour.  His campaign literature says it all.  He lands on all of the important issues.  The Ten Commandments, the Constitution, and the Constituents.

Cowden recently spoke at the April meeting of the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee.  He explained the Ten Commandments as a moral and religious guide and talked about the Bible.  He has a very basic belief in the original Constitution, not the living Constitution.  He has the conservative view that members of the US House are elected to look after the well being of the American People in their Districts.

Cowden is a former Green Beret and is a business owner.  He has not been tarnished or ruined by our elitist and sophisticated education system.  My best compliment is that he seems like a normal everyday guy.  That is something we desperately need in elected officials.  Cowden is a native of Eastern North Carolina and the Third District, having been raised in Pamlico County.  Murphy is from somewhere else.

Cowden will represent us much better than the elitist Doctor Murphy who has been in DC for almost four years. Murphy is picking up the traits of a political climber having gotten himself appointed to the powerful Ways and Means Committee, but you’ll have a hard time finding examples of where he has stood up to the House leadership.  You do not get there without trading part oy our soul to the leadership. Maybe that is why Murphy has voted liberally. 

Murphy presents himself as a conservative, The Third District is conservative as a whole.  But, when he is in Washington he votes like an outhouse liberal.  He says what he needs to say to get elected when in the District but he votes with the liberals when in Washington.  We need a change.

Cowden is focused on the basics, which are the Bible and the Constitution.  His military training and basic education will serve him well in Washington,  whereas Murphy is an elitist doctor who seems to treasure money more than basic beliefs.  Murphy spends enough time with his employer, Vidant, to rake  in a few hundred thousand dollars per year, plus his House salary.    Cowden’s largest income in his career will be his House salary.  Cowden seems to be more satisfied with his station in life than Murphy who seems to be a climber for money and power.

If we do not change the people we have elected we will never change government.  Cowen is a down to earth person who has not been brainwashed by the education system.  Vote for Cowden.  He is the man for this season.

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( April 29th, 2022 @ 9:39 am )
There is a reason so many Special Forces personnel are stepping up to run for office. They have experienced plenty of screwed up places and situations worldwide and are recognizing the dire circumstances of our present existence here at home. Stepping up here and now is very necessary and they know it.
( April 27th, 2022 @ 9:05 am )
Some of the Country is waking up. Toney reports that along with him there are Eight Green Barrets and a number of Navy Seals running for Congress in this election. These men have proven their courage and love of Country by their prior commitments. We do not need the best poloticians that money can buy. We need more real patriots.
( April 26th, 2022 @ 11:12 pm )
I agree. This is a prime example of what Patriotos do! Mr. Tony is a Patrioto and doesn't try to hide it.

Greg Murphy AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT HIM are not Patriotos. It's that simple.

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