Prayer in School | Beaufort County Now | Contrary to popular myth, the Supreme Court never outlawed "prayer in school".

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Contrary to popular myth, the Supreme Court never outlawed "prayer in school".

    Students are free to pray alone or in groups, as long as such prayers are not disruptive and do not infringe upon the rights of others. This right to engage in voluntary prayer does not include the right to have a captive audience, listen or compel other students to participate. What the Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down are state sponsored organized prayers in public schools.

    The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the First Amendment requires public school officials to show neither favoritism toward nor hostility against religious expression such as prayer.

    Students may pray when not engaged in school activities or instruction. Students may organize prayer groups, religious clubs and "see you at the pole" gatherings before school to the same extent that students are permitted to organize other non-curricular student activities groups. When acting in their official capacity as representatives of the State, teachers, school administrators and other school employees are prohibited by the First Amendment from encouraging or discouraging prayer and in such activities with students.

    My opinion is that parents should take leadership with regard to prayer and other faith issues for their own children. I do not want a teacher or a school administrator or any other school employee involved in the expression of faith of my own children. Neither do I want our school administration attempting to take control over such a complex issue.
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( June 16th, 2022 @ 9:31 am )
Nowadays, there is confusion regarding prayer in school because those hostile to the practice have injected confusion into the issue. This country is founded on religious freedom. It is addressed in the 1st Amendment in our Bill of Rights. It is established custom in our country. Even Congress opens with prayer.

I agree with Gary. It is time for parents to stand against anyone attempting to suppress the rights of our children and our beliefs at school or anywhere else.

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Contrary to popular myth, the Supreme Court never outlawed "prayer in school".
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