Red flag gun laws are a Trojan horse to undermine gun rights | Beaufort County Now | RINO traiitors Tillis and Burr support them

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The most controversial part of the gun control package being put together by RINOs and Democrats are the so-called "red flag laws" which allow guns to be taken from citizens without due process of law and often on the basis of secret and frivolous complaints.  The Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee has adopted a resolution calling on RINO Senators Burr and Tillis to reverse course and oppose these measures.  The threat to our Constitutional rights posed by Red Flag laws is detailed in this article:

Throughout history, it has been dictators like Hitler and Stalin who have taken away citizens guns.  BELOW IS THE REAL RED FLAG BEHIND THESE RED FLAG LAWS.

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( June 17th, 2022 @ 8:30 am )
So very true. Also true is that red flag laws violate the US Constitution and IMO everyone in Congress that votes for this should be removed for their failure to up hold the oath they took to support and defend the US Constitution. Sadly that will never happen. But it also shows their words mean nothing except they are most likely lying. Used to be a time an oath meant something, but not any more, just like there was a time when a persons word meant something. Sadly it is getting more and more that oaths and many peoples word mean nothing.

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