Revealed: Nazi Architect Of ‘Final Solution’ Who Professed Innocence Boasted On Tape Of Murdering Jews | Eastern North Carolina Now | Professed his innocence at trial but said on tapes, "If we had killed 10.3 million Jews, I would say with satisfaction, 'Good, we destroyed an enemy.'”

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Hank Berrien.

    After over 60 years, audio tapes have been revealed of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered, including one million Jewish children, boasting about his monstrous plans.

    Eichmann escaped from a prison camp in 1946, then lived in Germany under a fake name for years until he fled to Argentina. In an epic story told in books and movies, Israel's Mossad flew over 7,500 miles to capture him and transport him to Israel to stand trial, where he professed his innocence, saying, "There is a need to draw a line between the leaders responsible and the people like me forced to serve as mere instruments in the hands of the leaders. ... I was not a responsible leader, and as such do not feel myself guilty."

    Eichmann was convicted and hanged in 1962.

    "If we had killed 10.3 million Jews, I would say with satisfaction, 'Good, we destroyed an enemy,'" Eichmann bragged in the 1957 interviews with Dutch Nazi sympathizer and propagandist, Willem Sassen as he referenced the total number of Jews then in Europe.

    "Then we would have fulfilled our mission," he continued, The New York Times reported.

    The Israeli filmmakers who created the $3 million documentary "The Devil's Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes," were given 15 hours of surviving recordings of the 70 hours Eichmann taped in Argentina. The rest were taped over by the interviewer, The Daily Mail reports, adding:

    During the trial, Eichmann taunted the chief prosecutor, Gideon Hausner, to produce the original tapes, knowing they were protected by Nazi sympathizers. Hausner was offered the tapes for $20,000 - a huge sum at the time - and considered purchasing them, but the seller insisted they not be brought to Israel until after the trial had concluded.

    "Jews who are fit to work should be sent to work. Jews who are not fit to work must be sent to the Final Solution, period," Eichmann, who described a fly in the room as having "a Jewish nature," stated in the interviews, adding that he "did not care" whether those sent to Auschwitz lived or died.

    On January 20, 1942, the Nazis convened the Wannsee Conference, devoted to the "Final Solution", their plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe. SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the Reich Security Main Office, told Eichmann, then the chief of the RSHA Department IV B 4 (Jewish Affairs), that Adolf Hitler wanted the Jews killed.

    Eichmann drafted a list of the numbers of Jews in various European countries, later supervising the deportation of Jews to the death camps at Auschwitz, Bełżec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, Auschwitz.

    The documentary's producer Kobi Sitt, a grandson of Holocaust survivors, contacted the German federal archives in Koblenz, which agreed to release the tapes.

    The documentary's director, Yariv Mozer, stated, "This is proof against Holocaust deniers and a way to see the true face of Eichmann. ... through the series, the young generations will get to know the trial and the ideology behind the Final Solution."
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