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    Here we go again.  The horrific shooting at Uvalde, TX which deserves rational analysis is being used by the Left to once again further their efforts to restrict gun access for law abiding citizens.  "Never let a crisis go to waste" has always been the mantra of the Left.   Instead of waiting for the results of the study of the incident that would permit rational people to understand the actual causes, the Left appeals to emotions and are ready to implement new laws and restrictions.   Alarmingly, we have supposedly conservative lawmakers who have jumped on the bandwagon and are working to implement new restrictions.   None of which are likely to impact the actual cause of these evil shootings of innocent children.

    As a psychologist who spent thirty years working with criminals in the N.C. Department of Correction, I thoroughly understand that crimes of this nature are committed by individuals who have decided to kill and will do so with whatever tool that can use be it automobile, knife, or explosive device.  The idea that restricting one type of instrument will stop these evil persons is a dangerous delusion.   It focuses on the wrong part of the problem.  The real causes are not addressed.

    Let's examine what type of person would want to kill innocent children.   There are some common characteristics.   First, these individuals are typically socially isolated with few if any positive relationships with others.   Importantly, this includes family members and in particular the lack of a strong father figure.    Being socially isolated is compounded by a sense of victim-hood.  They typically believe that they have been misused, rejected, and disliked by others.  It should be noted that their behavior often provokes negative reactions by others.   Second, these individuals lack any internalized values or beliefs typically obtained through the practice of religious faith.   Humans are not born good.  They must be trained and socialized so they develop a conscience that guides their conduct.  We cannot have a cop on every corner.  Third, these individuals become invested in a fantasy world manifested by extensive playing of violent video games.  Gaming becomes an obsession and ultimately a way to be back at society that they blame for their problems.  Fourth, there is the desire for public notoriety which they accomplish by committing the most horrific acts they can imagine.

    Now, if this analysis is correct then no amount of new gun laws will stop a person once they are determined to commit such an evil act.   They have already decided on suicide so no consequence can deter them.   Why does the Left not focus on the perpetrator not the instrument?  Because their ultimate objective is to confiscate all guns from law abiding citizens.   Every tyrannical regime in history has had this objective and the Left in this country is no different.    That is why giving up any right of access to firearms will not appease them and will only whet their appetite for further controls.   Compromise at your own risk but know what you are doing.

    What should be done?  Encourage families/friends to recognize and report behavioral disturbed individuals.   Harden the security of schools.   Arm and properly train teachers and school staff.

R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

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