Democrats Take the Bait, Repeat Their Past Mistakes, and Continue to Flush Money Down the Drain in North Carolina Just Like They Did in 14, 16, and 20 | Eastern North Carolina Now | “Buying Enron stock from Bernie Madoff is a better investment than donating to Cheri Beasley, but sure, if Dems want to waste their money again in North Carolina, have at it.”

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Press Release:

    (Advance, NC)     Ted Budd for US Senate today filed the FEC report for the period covering April 28 through June 30 indicating his campaign raised $1,805,045 and has $1,783,167 cash-on-hand. (Helpful tip: the full total raised is line item 16 on page 3.)

    To save you Liberal-Arts-Degreed reporters the strain of math, this converts to Cheri Beasley's campaign raising approximately 3.5 times as much as Ted Budd's campaign as anyone with half a brain and a bare minimum of historical knowledge of the past decade of campaign politics in North Carolina would have anticipated.

    "Amy Kate and I thank everyone who has given to our campaign," said Ted Budd. "In this era of economic uncertainty forced on America by disastrous Biden/Beasley economic policies, I know it's a sacrifice for folks to donate to a political campaign and we really do appreciate the support. On November 8, the people of North Carolina can vote against Joe Biden [again] by voting for Ted Budd for US Senate. With her huge cash advantage, maybe Cheri Beasley can afford enough gas to finally visit voters in all 100 counties in North Carolina instead of ignoring them like she did the during her three previous statewide campaigns."

    Frequently Asked Questions No Voters Care About


    Jonathan Felts, Senior Advisor to Ted Budd for US Senate

    Is this the 2nd quarter FEC report?

    No. It does not cover a full three-month period. We had to file a pre-primary report in May and this report only covers April 28 through June 30. If it's helpful, you can find the combined numbers at the end of these FAQs.

    Does Cheri Beasley's fundraising advantage worry you?

    No. We fully anticipated getting outraised and built that into our campaign plan in March of last year. Tillis got outraised in 2014 and won, Burr got outraised in 2016 and won, and Tillis got outraised in 2020 and won. Heck, Kathy Manning and her allies outspent Ted and his outside supporters by a margin of two to one back in 2018 and still managed to lose in a pretty crappy year for Republicans. Cheri Beasley is going to outraise us this year and lose in a crappy year for Democrats. Buying Enron stock from Bernie Madoff is a better investment than donating to Cheri Beasley, but sure, if Dems want to waste their money again in North Carolina, have at it. Charlie Brown's odds of kicking the football are better than Cheri Beasley's odds of winning.

    Why are you being outraised by such a huge margin?

    Democrat candidates have a huge advantage with Act Blue. Any Republican campaign plan ignoring that reality is a plan for losing. We plan on winning because we know NC voters will not vote in November focused on Cheri Beasley's fundraising numbers. NC voters will vote in November thinking about the extra $7,600 out of their family budget to cover the costs of the Biden/Beasley pro-inflation policies. Beasley knows it too. That's why she leaked her FEC numbers the day before the Biden Administration she supports announced June's inflation rate clocking in at a whopping 9.1%.

    It's just Act Blue? It's not because y'all had such a divisive primary?

    Fair question but no. We NC Republicans enjoyed a spirited primary (some of us more than others I reckon), but the voters spoke on May 17, and the family is back together aside from a few exceptions.

    C'mon. It's a big cash disparity. You're really not worried?

    November 8 will be a referendum on Joe Biden and here in North Carolina, Cheri Beasley represents Joe Biden on the ballot. I'm confident voters will reject the Biden/Beasley polices that are hurting the working families of North Carolina and will instead vote for Ted Budd, the job creator on the ballot.

    Combined Numbers

    Pre-Primary FEC Report (April 1 - April 27)

    Total Receipts (Line 16): $323,898

    Cash on Hand: $1,095,820

    Total Raised for Cycle to Date (11/2020-4/27/22): $4,561,867

    Today's FEC Report (April 28 - June 30)

    Total Receipts (Line 16): $1,805,045

    Cash on Hand: $1,783,167

    Total Raised for Cycle to Date (11/2020-6/30/22): $6,366,912

    Combined Numbers for Pre-Primary & Today's FEC Reports (April 1 - June 30)

    Total Receipts: $2,128,943

    Cash on Hand: $1,783,167 (same)

    Total Raised for Cycle to Date (11/2020-6/30/22): $6,366,912

   Contact: Jonathan Felts
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