Thug Nation | Eastern North Carolina Now | Bureaucratism is fundamentally anti-democratic and illiberal. Unelected bureaucrats, rather than elected legislator make decisions that greatly impact their fellow citizens.

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    "Bureaucratism is fundamentally anti-democratic and illiberal. Unelected bureaucrats, rather than elected legislator make decisions that greatly impact their fellow citizens. In fact, it has gotten to the point where, in a typical year, more than 90 percent of the rules Americans must live by are promulgated by bureaucrats rather than enacted by legislators."

    Mark Hendrickson - The Epoch Times

    Therein lies the problem we all face. All of these face-less, detached, busybodies are regulating you right down the drain. We are experiencing top-down tyranny rather than bottom-up consent. It is a tyranny of the few (nimrods) versus the needs and wishes of the many. Unless the MANY wakeup this tyranny will have you by the throat.

    WE hear more and more from "The Devils of Davos" and their accomplices about "CENTRAL CONTROL" in all sectors of our lives. We must bow down to the dictates of "The Devils" because they are gods among men. Never mind that these few gained their wealth through the good old free enterprise system and free trade. They have to insure that you peasants don't have the opportunity to overtake them and nullify their power. They need to impoverish you to maintain control. Their greed knows no bounds and they are determined to deprive you of your self-respect, self-sufficiency, and self-defense. To bear this out, in recent developments the Congress has decided that that we need not only more IRS agents but professional tax enforcers as well. Strangely this coincides with a purchase of 5 million rounds of ammunition by the IRS. Wonder what that's for? Remember, politicians NEVER have enough of your money to spread around. After al they and their friends have a life-style to maintain.

    From a social perspective, right is now wrong. Non-citizens and criminals are extended preferential treatment and coddled and glorified by the current crop of progressives and media types. The only thing progressive about this bunch is their hell-bent journey to the bottom of the civilized world. The more they can propagandize and deprive you of the wisdom and knowledge of past generation, the stupider you get. Progressives love stupid people. We are NOT preparing people to be self-sufficient, responsible or free thinking. We are creating little robots wo will take to the streets on demand. As an example, in Argentina a male protestor, among many, of the governments attempt to dig themselves out of a financial hole (sound familiar?) said "Christina Kirchner (former president) told us we have to go to work instead of receiving social benefits, that's the politics of a right-winger". Boo-Hoo! We have our own share ( it's growing) of this type of moron right here in the USA. Any excuse to deny inclusion in the social compact will do.

    We are now in the age of the uni-party. We are suffering at the hands of a group of jaded bureaucrats and politicians who have NO sense of ethical or fiscal responsibility. They are impoverishing future generations not only financially but intellectually and spiritually. It is easy to understand why Trump was such a giant threat to their scam. They couldn't control him so they tried emasculate him. There are few men in government only scoundrels who are eating your lunch. Vote for Fighters, we are going to need them,

    Follow the Yellow Arrow

    John W. LaCava  •  Bath, NC  •  June 25, 2022
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