Look Who Finally Found a Map of North Carolina! | Eastern North Carolina Now | Liberal Pundits Line Up to Give Cheri Beasley a Participation Trophy for Campaigning in Mayberry Instead of Only in Metropolis

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    Cheri Beasley, now on her fourth [4th] statewide campaign, recently made news for...actually campaigning statewide this time around. In defense of reporters who got suckered into thinking this is newsworthy, it is a shift from earlier this year when a Beasley spokesperson said "it doesn't matter how many counties" a candidate visits when trying to mock Ted Budd for visiting all 100 counties (in only his first statewide campaign and despite having a full-time job fighting hard for the working families of North Carolina's 13th Congressional District).

    The usual suspects of Lib Pundits were quick to give Beasley a participation trophy for finally leaving the comfort of her couch to campaign in places other than large cities. MSNBC breathlessly reported on it. The Indy Weekly touted her road warrior bonafides. Even Democrat Contrarian Thomas Mills stopped criticizing her campaign long enough to praise her. We're not sure if she downloaded Google Maps to her phone or if she went old school and picked up a NCDoT roadmap, but congrats to Cheri Beasley for ignoring North Carolina's rural communities for only 75% of the time.

    It costs a lot more for Cheri Beasley to visit all 100 counties now, since gas is 44% more expensive than last year thanks to Joe Biden's anti-energy-exploration policies supported by Cheri Beasley!

    While Beasley was ignoring the rest of the state until now, Ted Budd campaigned in all 100 counties during the primary and his campaign continues to build and strengthen grassroots infrastructure in every county. Sure, our primary required a bit more work than the backroom deals preferred by Democrat powerbrokers, but the primary forced us to build a strong campaign infrastructure in all 100 counties from the beginning of the campaign. Beasley is, apparently, just now starting that process?

    And yes, Ted Budd continues to campaign across the state. Over the last few weeks he has met with law enforcement officials, agriculture groups, black conservatives, AAPI small business owners, and grassroots supporters.

    Here at the Budd campaign, we congratulate Cheri Beasley on finally recognizing our rural communities are as important as the big cities even if it did take her four campaigns to think the folks in rural North Carolina matter as much as folks in the big cities. Too bad for her that she's going to all those counties only to tell them she wants to go to the US Senate to be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden's policies that are costing North Carolina families an extra $7800 a year to cover the cost of Bidenflation.

   Contact: Jonathan Felts
   Email: jdf@TedBudd.com
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