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   A TRUTH post from President Trump on his social network reveals his thoughts on the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.  There are no hidden meanings here.  He is very plainly letting us know that this is an attack on America and on our system of government.  Furthermore, if they can do this to a former president, we are all vulnerable.  Make no mistake about it; that is the message they were sending when they conducted this raid. Our own federal law enforcement mechanism was demonstrating to us that they have the power to invade our privacy, take whatever they please, and that they can totally destroy our lives.  The power of governance in America is supposed to rest with “We the People.”  President Trump referenced that in his first inaugural address.  He said he would be returning the power to the people, but with the theft of the 2020 election, the uni-party regained control.  Presently, we are in a political and spiritual war for the soul of our country.  If you take into account everything that has happened since just before President Trump was elected in 2016, that fact is as clear as day.  The good news is that more and more of these evil people are revealing themselves in this pitched battle for our sovereignty. 

   The most recent example is South Carolina Senator, Tim Scott.  He has been a suspect for a few years, but recently he removed all doubt by endorsing Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for reelection.  When this type of revelation occurs, it tells you that they are sacrificing one of their valuable assets.  They wanted to keep him hidden as long as possible, but now his intentions are clear as day.  This was a desperate move on their part, and as the battles continue, there will surely be more.  If it weren’t so serious, it could actually be comical because they are starting to turn their cards over.  There may be some redundancy in these columns in the weeks to come, but the seriousness of what is happening bears repeating because we must never forget what they are trying to do.  President Trump’s post says it all, “America has never suffered this kind of ABUSE in Law Enforcement!  For the FBI to RAID the home of the 45th President of the United States, or any President for that matter, is totally unheard of and unthinkable.

   This Break-In was a sneak attack on democracy (our Republic!), and was both unannounced and done at a time when the President was not even present.  It was for political, not legal reasons, and our entire country is angry, hurt, and greatly embarrassed by it.  MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

   Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has put out a call for veterans and retired law enforcement to work in the school systems there.  Additionally, if the vet or retired law enforcement applicant has a bachelor's degree, Governor DeSantis is asking them to become teachers.  He is offering a $4000 signing bonus to get these people back into the school system and teach our children to love America.  He is hoping this will start a trend in other states and bring our children back from the WOKE ideology of hatred toward our country.  His goal is to teach them the glorious history of America and the importance of patriotism and family.  It would be wonderful if they also returned to starting the day with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  As a bonus, Governor DeSantis is having law-enforcement arrest the people who committed election fraud.  Hopefully, this will also become a trend before the mid-terms can be stolen.  The cleanup has started with this one courageous Governor.  (You're earning a string of "A+" grades in Florida, Governor DeSantis!)

   It was reported this week that Russia has found both biological AND chemical laboratories in Ukraine.  What other horrible scare tactic did they have planned for us? Dr. Fauci would be the most likely person to know.  Perhaps he does, but he is trying to escape the heat by tendering his resignation from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  He is just the latest rat to jump ship.  His former boss, Francis Collins, departed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) months ago.  The history to be written about that organization will be epic, and I'm betting that failing to protect the health of the American people will be just a sliver of it.  I believe it's likely to be shown that they've intentionally caused us harm.   

   President Trump will continue with his rally schedule on Saturday, September 3rd in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania at 7:00 p.m. EDT. 

   Breitbart columnist, Paul Bois, described him this way, “Donald Trump, Dynasty Killer: 2023 Will Mean No More Bush, Cheney, McCain, or Clinton in Office.”  The pain for these criminals is just beginning.  If you want a good dose of optimism, just watch the rally because President Trump always brings it.  Hang in there, Patriots!  If we do, our eternally "A+" winning president assures us, “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

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