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   Did you watch the "Moment of Truth Summit" hosted by Mike Lindell on August 20 and 21?  My husband, Hal, and I did.  It was wonderful.  We heard from so many fine people.  We'd heard many of them speak before like Marjory Taylor Green, Jenna Ellis, and Dr. Douglas Frank, but the event also introduced us to others who were new to us.  Each and every one of the presenters was excellent.  I'd like to tell you about some things we learned here, but please make time to go to www.frankspeech.com and learn more.  When you go to the home page and scroll down just a bit, you'll see a link to the entire "Moment of Truth Summit," and there are also links to individual segments of the event.

   For starters, I'd never heard Dr. Douglas Frank sing before, but he belted out a heartfelt version of our National Anthem with beautiful clarity and no embellishment, and I found it patriotically inspiring. 

   Kurt Olsen, a former Navy Seal who is an attorney, shared some interesting information.  He worked on a court proceeding that questioned the fact that many governors, attorney's general,  secretaries of state, and others "changed the law" in a number of states just before the 2020 election using "Covid" as an excuse while the U.S. Constitution gives that authority to state legislatures only.  Initially, Texas' Attorney General, Ken Paxton was the only Attorney General who would work on the project, but over time, the Attorney's General of 18 states joined the fight.

   These "changes in election law" enabled some strange vote counts to be certified.  For example, initially there appeared to be 205,000 more votes than voters in Pennsylvania.  After all jurisdictions had reported, the number was reduced to "only" 105,000 more votes than voters.  Kurt told us that Pennsylvania law says that a vote cannot be certified until such things have been investigated and reconciled.  That did not happen, and the vote was "certified" anyway!

   In another example, Kurt Olsen mentioned that Wisconsin law prohibits unmanned drop boxes, and such drop boxes were used in the 2020 election anyway.  According to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, elections not conducted according to law are themselves illegal.

   Were the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin election results properly "certifiable?"  Personally, I think it's outrageous that they were!

   John Gordon talked to us about the 2020 election in Georgia.  In January of 2021, John filed a lawsuit against Fulton County, Georgia.  He did not charge anyone for his work; he worked for free.  The judge ruled they had a prima fascia case that a fraudulent election had been conducted in Fulton County, and ordered the sheriff to guard the place ballots were stored.  

   Do you think the "certification" of the Georgia vote was appropriate?  Neither do I.

   John Gordon also told us about a group of Patriots in Virginia who are looking into the use of machines in the voting process.  They bought a machine and discovered that it has a built-in Ethernet that allows the machine to be hooked to the internet.

   Interestingly, when he spoke the next day, Dr. Douglas Frank said that within a short period of time (I don't remember the exact amount; check it out on frankspeech), ES&S shipped 33,000 voting machines to 89 customers, and every one of them had the capacity to get on the internet built into them.

   Why do we trust an election that is conducted with the use of machines?  Of course, the fringe media (formerly known as "mainstream media") call us "election deniers," when we express ourselves on the subject, but really, why would anyone trust an election conducted with machines?

   Col Sean Smith, USAF Retired, pointed out that Dell and HP's are made in China.  The chips in our voting machines are made in China.  Essentially, the systems we use for voting are largely built by the people who bring us fentanyl, and they're the same people who brought us Covid.   Hackers are breaking into "secure systems."   The "Solar Winds" attack compromised Microsoft (and others) for 10 months before it was discovered.

   Col Sean Smith showed us a photograph of a large, 12 story building in China which is full of CCP hackers.  There are so many of them that the building also houses a child care facility and its own dental clinic.

   Clay Parikh, a certified hacking forensic investigator, told us that electronic voting systems are flawed from end to end.  He said there are people in nation states filling buildings like the one Sean showed us.  He told us, "I rate myself as mid-level competent" (average time to get into a system is from 5 to 10 minutes; best time, 2 and a half minutes); these guys are GOOD! 

   Clay also told us that the standards for security on our voting machines are "substandard" and "weak."  Yet, even with these weak standards, when tested, Dominion earned a grade of 50%, ES&S tested (variously) between 60% and 70%.  The minimum requirement for the Department of Defense is 90% (and that's with higher standards).

   Col John Mills (retired from the military and from the Secretary of Defense's office in 2018) worked on the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative. 

   This initiative dealt primarily with China but with other countries as well.  He said, "There is no logical reason we should be using machines to vote."

   Col John Mills told us that America pioneered Remote Access Operations in which governments "break and enter" the secure systems of other countries.  He said that in the first Gulf war, our edge was military security.  We could break and enter at will and keep other nation states from doing it to us.

   Something Col John Mills referred to as "Agent BTZ" used a lot of thumb drives to get into very important systems including the Iranian nuclear system.  Our own Office of Personnel Management has been broken into and sensitive personnel information stolen.  Do you still think it's logical to think our voting machines are "secure?"  I didn't think so.

   To see some of the "what to do about it" part of the Summit's ideas, read the "SOS to Patriot Geeks" and "SOS to All Patriots" articles on this website.  That'll give you some ideas about how to help quickly (and the September 3 deadline is fast approaching).  However, you really owe it to yourself to visit frankspeech and see the whole Summit when you can.  It's quite an experience!

If you have comments or questions,
I can be reached at raynor@cctaxpayers.com.  

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