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The policies of many western countries seem to be the same, seeking to abandon cheap and reliable forms of energy in favor of expensive and unreliable "green energy" - wind and solar.  We saw it with Biden in his first day in office going to war against conventional energy, and he has just passed massive subsidies for wind and solar.

Daniel Hannan, a former member of the EU Parliament representing the Conservative Party of the UK has recently published an op-ed in London's Daily Telegraph with the headline "The miserable truth is that our leaders do not want us to have cheap energy" putting much of the blame in the UK on his own former party leader Boris Johnson.  He points out that the UK has a 300 year supply of coal and lots of shale gas, which the government will not allow fracking to recover, and directly points out that it is the green energy policies, not the Ukraine war that are sending UK power bills into orbit.


In Switzerland, a group of politicians, mostly on the right are fighting back against government policy that is destructive to the country's energy supply.  They are circulating a "Stop the Blackouts" petition to put a referendum on the ballot to save Switzerland's five nuclear power plants from closure.  Currently, Swiss electricity is produced almost entirely from cheap and reliable hydro and nuclear.  The current government wants to replace the nuclear with wind and solar.  The petition should have a good chance of success.  Swiss voters last year voted to end CO2 emission reduction requirements in a referendum.


In the US, it is clear that the Biden regime does not want us to have cheap energy, and neither do our NC leaders from Roy Cooper, Democrat, to RINO legislative leaders Phil Berger and Tim Moore.  Their HB 951, the NC Green New Deal, they passed last year is sending NC down this same diastrous path.

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( August 31st, 2022 @ 9:38 am )
One such owner is Geraldine Dolan, who owns the Poppyfields cafe in Athlone, Ireland - and was charged nearly €10,000 (US$10,021) for just over two months of energy usage.
And it is only going to get worse.

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